DiRT 3 Bags Group B Rallying

Group B rallying has been the subject of much discussion over the years, the sheer power of the cars leading to injuries and worse, leading to the banning of such vehicles in 1986.

Thankfully, driving the cars in a videogame is generally considered a lot safer, so all hail their inclusion in DiRT 3.


Lovely.  We’ll have our impressions on the game shortly…



  1. That video gives me goose-bumps…

  2. Ha loving the warning at the beginning “Lyrics”.

    The game does look very good, although the slow mo gave me time to pick out all the flaws. Shame.

  3. Skoda Vs Escort!

  4. YAY!

  5. its out on May?! MAY?!, I’m getting this, can’t wait

  6. Someone only has to mention the phrase “Group B” and i go all funny…this is rallying i grew up with, i love all the cars, the T16, RS200, Delta S4 and the 6R4 looks sexual…this…is….official!

    • only thing i noticed is no official livery for the Delta S4, all the others have there official liveries

  7. Brilliant. Looks like Codies have just earned £40 off me.

  8. that ford rs200 has me very aroused

  9. I remember trashing around in CMR1 + 2 in those. That was truly insane, happy to see them back :D

  10. Great to see the love for Group B that’s still out there, hopefully what we have in store for you all in DiRT 3 will satiate your need for some Group B rally action :)

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