Fast Five Gets Official Game

Fast Five, the latest in the Fast and Furious lineage, will see a day and date release of a brand new iPhone, iPad and Android game from Gameloft alongside the movie release.

The game actually looks pretty good – it’s not clear whether it’s using the Asphalt engine or not, but either way it seems to be running nice and smooth, so assuming there’s a half decent single player portion this might be one to watch.


It’s out April 28th.



  1. Wow, the names just as thoughtful has any typical Gameloft game

    “fast five”….

  2. Fast Five is the name of the movie… makes sense to name the official game after the movie :)

    • Yeah, shitty name but it’s not the game’s fault at least.
      Mind you, all the sequels are named stupidly really, Tokyo Drift was alright because it was kind of a sidestep in the story world, but the rest are dumb

  3. looks much better than the 3DS racing game.And gameloft are often doing great games so this will probably be that too.

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