New Ridge Racer Unbounded Trailer Released

Recently in a chat with the developers of Ridge Racer Unbounded it was revealed that the game may be taking a step away from the traditional Ridge Racer focus, in favour of something new.

“Ridge Racer has traditionally been a game, which appeals to the mass market due to its simple arcade-like feeling. With Ridge Racer Unbounded, it’s more similar to Need for Speed or Burnout instead of the traditional Ridge Racer.”

With that in mind, check out the latest trailer below.

Source: ShopTo Blog



  1. They better not mess it up, would prefer Ridge Racer 8

  2. I do like a bit of Ridge Racer.

  3. I remember enjoying Ridge Racer (the original) and they then appeared to do a copy & paste for the last fifteen years. :-\

    This might actually grab my attention once more.

  4. The trailer looks very……. japanese.

    Only time will tell I guess, but i would have preferred a new, polished Ridge Racer game, like RR5 :'(

    • Yeah I haven’t played a Ridge Racer game since Ridge Racer: Revoution I think?..

      RR7 was enjoyable, I liked it then there’s Ridge Racer 3D… awesome, would be sad for this to go like Need For Speed or Burnout… as its from a western dev

  5. What a terrible logo.

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