New Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One Screens

We’ve played Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One and it’s a great game – read our hands on here – packed with character and inventiveness, effortlessly translating what was previously a single player platformer into something much more social.

Some new screenshots have emerged this morning, and we’re sure you’ll agree they look lovely.  There’s a few bits of artwork in there, but most of them look like screens.

Source: GAF.



  1. Nice. Really looking forward to this, my girlfriend and I both love the R&C universe, so coop is exactly what we need!

    • I hope my girlfriend will play it with me :)

      Is this game Move compatible?

      • Wish I had a girlfriend to play it with :( LOL

  2. If this game ‘requires’ local co-op play to complete the Platinum then it will be the first Ratchet & Clank game I’ve not bought – which would be a shame.

    • comon you are not buying a game if you can’t get the platinum?

      • assuming it even has a platinum

      • When I buy a game at £40 a pop, I expect to get my money’s worth – if a large part of the game has been made inaccessible to me then yes, I’ll not be buying the game.

      • siseshow#Why wouldn’t it have a platinium?

        Cerberus64# okey if you say so but a little trophy should not stop you from buying a game.The game has 4player online co-op too so it will probably not be a problem for you.

      • Hey, some people even refuse to play Portal because it lacks trophies. Some people, huh? :P
        But thinking back, I remember Zelda – A Link to the Past the remake had the Four Swords multiplayer component which I never got to play because I was the only one I knew with the handheld… I was bummed…

      • I would love to play Portal, trophies or not (& this is coming from a trophy whore!), just to see what the hype is & so I know what to expect from Portal 2 – Unfortunately, I only have a PS3 & am not willing to fork out for the orange box just for Portal (as I am really not interested in Half Life or Team Fortress 2).

      • You can get the Orange Box for 10 Pounds on Amazon UK. If you look around or try pre-owned games you will probably get it even cheaper. I’d say Portal alone is worth 10 Pounds! :)

    • Make friends. Or play online?

    • @KeRaSh
      I still have to start at MGS-4..

  3. I always buy games despite if I can’t Platinum then at least I can enjoy playing through…. Trophies don’t bother me unless I wanted to go for it.

  4. This looks outstanding, when will Insomniac just make an okay game, instead of raising the bar every time, basically forcing me to shell out £35 a game?!

  5. Just so rich! Wow.

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