Rumour: God of War 4 Out September 2012

Rumours regarding the development of the next instalment in the God of War franchise have been circulating for a while now, bolstered by the name appearing on an animator’s CV.

PSM3 claim to have more though:


“PSM3 has heard from another source that God of War 4 is coming, and will hit in September 2012. Our source works closely with the God of War universe, and let slip he’d be working on a related project at the same time.”

Whilst a new game isn’t exactly shocking, it’ll be interesting to see where they take the series. Despite a somewhat loose ending, many would consider Kratos’ journey to have reached a conclusion (plus, who the heck is left to kill?).

A new protagonist, perhaps?

Source: CVG



  1. WOW!


    God of War 4 is gonna be insanely good!

    Also – is it true that Freddy and Jason are heading to MK9 as DLC? Anyone else heard this?

    • I don’t think Kratos will be killing Jesus Christ…

      • lol that’s what I thought

      • I’d buy that JHC DLC…

        But Freddy VS Jason would be insanely cool, though!!

        And, excited about GoW4.

      • Just read somewhere that the rumour about Jason and Freddy was based on a misunderstanding and got hyped up. Maybe the idea will reach and inspire the right people, though!

  2. woop woop. this is awesome

  3. Im bored of Kratos. There are hundreds of Gods Of Wars – – Egyptian would be good, or Norse.. or Hawaiian!

    • God of War based on egyptian mythology? I’m listening!

      • I’m with you there KeRash. I wouldn’t mind seeing them out of Greek mythology. Give us some new characters.

  4. If there is to be a new protagonist I think Kratos should be the villain of the piece

    • That’s a pretty cool idea.

      • Pretty, pretty, pretty… pretty cool!

  5. I hope they keep Kratos, I mean he’s the reason the game is so bad @ss!!!

  6. As much as I loved Kratos, I think it’s time for a new setting, story and character

    Perhaps link the predictions of the 2012 apocalypse to the Mayan God, Tohil?

  7. Prequel is what I’m thinking

  8. I love the God of War series, but after the ending of GoW3, a sequel is always going to feel forced imo.

  9. Kratos slays Toriko?

  10. You don’t reckon maybe it’ll be an NGP version?

    • Think you’re in on something. Think we all are expecting an uncharted game as a NGP launch title, why not a God of War title?

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