SSX Dev Diary III

The third developer diary for the new SSX game (that’s now without the ‘deadly descents’ bit) has been release by EA and focuses on level design. Art Director, Dave Taylor, is the host this time and walks gamers through some of the the thoughts behind their levels/mountains. Unfortunately, real gameplay is again missing from these developer diaries but it’s still nice gaining an insight on some of the stuff they’re working on.

Check it out.

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  1. Still looks more SSX 3 than Tricky. Losing interest.

    • And here I thought everybody wanted it to be more like SSX3.
      Anyway, havent played either of them so much.

    • That would be a legitimate point if Tricky was better than 3.

      • It is. Tricky was the peak of the fun factor of this series. SSX3 was a totally different game, with a different appeal, practically. Tricky was pure madness.

      • Don’t get me wrong, I loved Tricky but, to me, 3 was a better and more complete game. You still had the mad tricks and jumps but you also had free roam, challenges, collectibles, customisation, more events and skill progression.

      • I’m going to say, like I’ve said before, that I belive the difrence between tricky and 3 is the same between Uncharted 1/2. 3/Uc2 is clearly better when you add it all up, but it lacks the feel it’s predecessor had.

    • I didn’t realise there was such a massive difference between Tricky and 3, I only played 3 so I’m a happy chap after these wee dev diaries!

      If they’ve dropped ‘Deadly Descents’ whats it gonna be called now? SSX ‘shh’?

    • Agreed, tricky was far far more fun than SSX3, after watching that i found myself to be actually a tad disappointed rather than hyped.

    • As long as it’s not based on SSX world tour i’m happy.

  2. Looking like it’s shaping up to be the game I’ve been hoping for. Having only played SSX3, this looks absolutely awesome.

  3. Is that the first confirmation of a release month? Awesome!

  4. *crosses fingers* Please let Viggo be in it, please please.

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