PSN Goes Down, No Reason Yet

The PlayStation Network has been up and down for a good few hours, but it looks like it’s finally crashed properly.

Nobody knows why yet – at least, nobody outside of Sony, but gamers are being blessed with the error code 80710A06.  Perhaps it’s all part of Valve’s Portal 2 ARG, and we’ve got to find GLaDOS to gain access.


Or perhaps someone accidentally knocked the plug out overnight.

Once we get an update, we’ll let you know what’s going on.



  1. It’s Skynet!

  2. My ‘Auto Sign In’ hasnt been working for a few days now, wonder if this has anything to do with it?

    • I can sign in manually but it wont do it automatically?

      • Yeah snap, glad it’s not just me.

      • Me too, I was beginning to wonder what was happening with that.

      • Well I can now stop swearing at my router and ISP for a while now then.

      • Yep add me to that list! Good job I decided to do my research instead of smashing routers around…again!

      • Here too!

    • Yep, mine too. I’m actually glad i’m not the only one. I thought it was my ISP.

      • i was about to ring the technical helpline because it signed in sometimes and then didn’t the next

  3. My auto sign in has been failing for the past week, it’s probably not related but it normally works fine.

    • Same here. At quite a few unexpected log outs over the last week…

  4. My auto sign-in has also been failing for a while and I understand there was a lot of errors yesterday.

    Perhaps it’s fell over… There’s nothing on anonnews to suggest a few stragglers are having another go atthe PSN.

    Sony have just tweeted it’s maintainence but after last time I don’t believe them (see what happens when you lie to customers)

    Wonder if it’s all the Portal2 Steam linking

    • A big game came out. So the PSN fell over. Kinda par for the course, no?

    • Could it be all those links to non-existent cake shops…?

    • Hi have the same as you cc_star, my auto log in fails as soon as my PS3 turns on. I then have to sign in manually and then it connects a few minutes later, a little annoying. This has been happening the last week.

  5. i’ve been getting randomly kicked off psn but figured it was isp booting us off due to housemates downloading exercise videos for their wrists… oooh prostate stimulation for the win!

  6. This was not a triumph.

    • I’m making a note here: Fix PSN.

      • It’s hard to understate my frustration.

  7. Happy easter! :D

  8. I must use a different PSN to some of you as my auto sign-in has been fine and yesterday was all ok too! Not tried today of course…

    • Yeah same I was ok

      • Mine usually takes a while, but it gets there eventually – Haven’t tried it today though.

    • Ditto, I’ve had no problems whatsoever until today.

  9. As long as they have it sorted by Friday I’m happy. Although I would be able to see the funny side of my first time setting up a meet being a huge failure.

  10. Was playing up a bit with me yesterday too. didn’t want to sign in.

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