New Ridge Racer Unbounded Teaser Trailer

This news was kind of lost in the noise generated by the problems with the PSN, but Namco Bandai has released yet another teaser for the new Ridge Racer game. Once again it features no gameplay footage, however the release date for the next trailer can be found somewhere in this one.

Did you spot it?

Source: Namco Bandai



  1. Bet its ace, we are due a new Ridge Racer :-)

  2. November 5th 2011.

    Don’t ask, find it yourselves.

    • Why does it say “Coming 2012” then?

      • Pause it at 15 seconds, its on the license plate of the traffic car. PAL 2011? Whu?!

  3. Looking forward to this one. Just hope it will deliver.
    As for the date, not a chance. Watched it a few times but couldn’t see it.

  4. I never did understand Ridge Racer, & this is no different.

  5. Looking forward to this. Rr7 has helped through the no psn period and I forgot how lovely and smooth those graphics are it still puts some to shame now.

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