PS3 Fires Back Up, No Sign Of Europe, Yet

As Dan posted overnight, if you switch on your PS3 and navigate over to the System Software update section, you’ll be able to grab a brand new firmware update – 3.61.

At the moment, this is optional for us Europeans – the PSN itself is still, at the time of writing at least, down.  However, by grabbing the firmware now you’ll be in better shape for getting back online when it fires back up.


When will that be?  Well, it’s already started happening – some users in the States are already back up and running, and whilst the process will be a ‘phased’ one we’re not expecting Europe to be too far behind.

So, first up – grab the firmware.  We’re hoping that Europe will be back in the game later today or tomorrow and then – finally – we’ll all be able to play some online gaming.

But before that, you’ll need to reset your password.  Once PSN is back, and you’ve got the firmware, you’ll be able to attempt to sign in (with your old username and password) at which point the PS3 will force you to reset your password.

Managed to get online?  Keep everyone updated in the comments.



  1. Good thing I’m going to college today so I won’t be trying to sign in every 5 minutes.

  2. Yay, finally! Can’t wait for my free games! :D

    • I doubt the store will be up along side psn

      • store wont be up til end of the month i though

    • The store won’t be online today.

      • Didn’t think so, at least most of it is back :)

    • I doubt the welcome back package will go live straight away I suspect it will come when the store is back.

    • One of the replies on the EU Blog said they were going to post up what the games were later today.

      • knowing my luck i’ll probably already have them all

      • Does that mean that the games need to be firmware udpate 3.61 compatible? O_o

      • Can’t even get on the EU blog atm, its overloaded!

      • You must have to have 3.61 firmware just to get on the network so yeah also for the free games

    • It really needs to be stuff like Under Siege…. maybe Modnation? if not outrage!

      • I bet its games like CoD:Blops, Uncharted 2….

      • @TURRICAN-808, they’re more likely to be Sony owned studios’ games.

      • Yeah right… haha, I haven’t got 40GB to download (Uncharted 2)

  3. All updated now after the seemingly impossible download last night when it first arrived! Still getting the “under maintenance” message though. My random bet is it will be back around lunchtime.

    • Ha, yeah. Just when something more important is taking place. :)

    • My random bet is 2pm

      • Another sweepstake? lol
        I think it’ll be early this coming week, possibly Wednesday, but my guesses so far have been way off, then again I’m not particulary bothered about it going live today as Sundays were always shite online with the connection anyway…even without 70 million people trying to connect simultaneously :(

      • Looks like your right mate. Just read on one website they said it will be around 10.00am EST which is 2pm GMT for Europe.

  4. It’s on in Florida and not in Cumbria. That much, I do know.
    It’ll probably show at some point during the day.

  5. If only there was a top down view map of EU showing which countries are switched on..(The US Blog had one)
    I wonder if the witch on process in America will take hours or days…

    • I managed to get to the screen where you have to change your password, then it quickly changed to the maintainance screen, grrr (UK)

    • I imagine when it does come, it’ll come on all at once since the UK is smaller than most US states.

      • Not true, we have 9.3% of all PSN accounts compared to the US 33% and no the UK is a lot bigger than most American states the length f the UK is about 850 miles not including Northern Ireland.compared a state like Florida where it is about 550 miles, all in all the UK is still to much for Playstation servers at one time.

      • @aerobes
        The UK is actually only smaller than 11 US States out of the 50.
        Yes I’m bored waiting for PSN to come up.

      • Interesting. They’re right about assumptions, I feel like a right chump now. :D

    • The u.s. map i’ve just seen, is now fully illuminated. Guessing it should be crossing the waters as we speak.


  7. I’m updated and ready….

    For what I don’t know… It’s been so long I’ve forgotten what it is I miss about PSN

    • I know, I feel like the anticipation is more exciting than when it actually comes back. I’ll probably sign and go “oh … that’s that then” and go about my daily business. Whatever that entails, It is a Sunday after all.

  8. America is done some one from Australia has posted on the blog saying it is on there as well.

    • It isn’t on in Australia yet, at least not in Sydney.

  9. My 3.61 update was downloaded automatically overnight by PS+. don’t ask me what sort of witchcraft enabled that, as autodownloads are a PS+ feature that require you to be signed in, but it was waiting for me this morning…

    • PS3…It only does everything!

    • Well, since you can’t sign in unless you have the latest PS3 firmware, it’s the exception to the rule. :)

    • See, I got that too, but then it came up aftwerwards saying that I had to download a system update, so I had to go through the process manually in any case…

      • Mine went through the download phase as well but it only took about 10 secs, so presumably it was just a file check that it was the latest update…

      • Ahh, could be, I just left it running and wasn’t watching so I probably missed that.

    • Weird. I didn’t get that, had to download the update the old fashioned way. Didn’t take very long though.

      • I’m p+ & I didn’t get auto dload, as my auto sign-in box was unticked.

      • I didn’t get it either, and I have it ticked. Well, I don’t mind too much.

  10. i cant access the eu blog and the playstation 3 site is down aswell

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