No Online For FIFA 12 3DS?

Despite a press release boasting “head-to-head online matches using Nintendo Wi-Fi connection”, Nintendo World Report is claiming that in an interview with the game’s Producer, Matt Prior, online play was quashed:

“Currently, we only have local head-to-head play, but server-based online is certainly something we would be looking at in the future.”

Despite loving the 3DS console, I can’t help be concerned that only Capcom has embraced online play with the first wave of games.


Online is a major part of FIFA games, and it is very surprising if it has been omitted.

Source: Nintendo World Report



  1. Now, I’m one of the first to systematically preach Single player, but really with games like this, online does seem to be an imperative for today’s market. Poor 3DS, not exactly having the best start.

  2. In Fifa 11, online competitive play is the best feature. I can’t help but feel that a Fifa game without this feature would not be worth an investment.

  3. Damn. No online FIFA in 2011? Nintendo really wants the 3DS to crash & burn.

    • Why would a company want their platform to crash and burn? I think this is a disappointing aspect but Nintendo are hardly trying to intentionally damage their own sales.

      • Don’t take that literally. Of course they don’t want to do that, but the 3DS isn’t doing very good and this isn’t helping.

  4. Serious question: Do people really play FIFA (especially online) on a handheld?

    I have a 3DS and i love it, but i wont be getting FIFA, or any other sports game for it. If i’m going to play FIFA it’s on a home console. Same goes for fighting games. I almost purchased SSFF 3D edition because i really wanted to see how it looked, but if i’m going to sit down and play Street Fighter online, i’m not interested in doing it on a handheld.

    So, not judging or condeming people that do, but i’m really surprised that people would be looking forward to online play on a hand held sports game.

  5. That’s a shame, but then again, the userbase of the 3ds probably aren’t used to games with online capabilities, not much being missed am I right? aha

  6. Fine… I’ll wait for PES 12 if this is anywhere near the quality of the PSP versions.

  7. Im sure they will still love it.

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