PSN: European Identity Protection Revealed

Over on the official EU PlayStation Blog, Sony have revealed the details of the free, twelve-month ‘Identity Theft Protection Programme’ that will be offered to those affected by the PlayStation Network and Qriocity attack.

In the UK, France, Spain, Italy and Germany, this service will be offered through Affinion International, described by Sony as “a leader in identity protection products in Europe”.


The ‘fraud protect’ plan covers three areas, as detailed in the blog post:

  • Personal Information protection
    • Monitoring and Alerting Service
    • Personal Information Protection Software
  • Help / Assistance and guidance
    • Dedicated helpline
    • Victim of Fraud support
  • Financial Protection
    • Insurance that covers the expenses incurred in identity restoration following identity fraud
    • Card Monitoring and Alerting Service

Details on how to contact Affinion and take up the service will be provided shortly, with Sony apparently still working on similar schemes for those countries not covered by today’s announcement.

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. Its a good deal, very generous of Sony. For those readers in the UK, check out these two links, you can remove yourselves from spam mailing lists and those annoying cold calling:

    • Thanks for the links, hopefully there’ll be less indians phoning me up about windows!

  2. Excellent! Although I think Sony misfired a bit with the compensation by alienating their core customers a little, they are resolving this issue really well.

    • But how could they posible make the core gamers happy? Without giving them money?

      • Discounts, although i remember now that they’re doing that as well.

  3. The insurance is what I really want, which is good.

  4. Its very good of Sony, but too late for me unfortunately.

    • have you had ID stolen or did you already take out ID protection?

      • well I had £1600 taken from my account in the last few days. Had to go through fraud team to get it refunded. Whether its to do with this hack I don’t know, but its too much of a coincidence I think. I have a joint account and only my card details were used. Either way, its good Sony are giving this for a year to their customers.

      • ID fraud usually refers to more than just using your card. That’s just card fraud. ID fraud means things like applying for credit or store cards in your name

    • Blimey. The hackers would be lucky to get £5 out of my bank account, such is life. God bless overdrafts. :(

      • If its a joint account it was probably your mrs buying shoes. No one has had their card details taken from Sony, so lets not pretend you have – you’d be the only one out of 70 million people which seems a little unlikely to me!

      • Shoes for that much? They better do something special for that price, like make my dinner and breakfast.

  5. “For over 35 years we have been helping many of the World’s largest companies delight their customers and enhance loyalty and revenues.”

    Sounds like a media/PR company.

    Oh, it’s Privacy Guard.

    • lol yeah

      just been to their site and it looks like they provide solutions for other organisations to outsource to them

      So a company could be including ID Protection if you buy xyz product… and the scheme is ran by these people.

    • Yer just whois there site as mentioned on PS Blog,

      Registered on: 10-May-2011

      So it only existed for 7 days. So look like they been doing this for of 7 days.

  6. Nice to see Ireland shafted again.

    Hopefully they actually do get something for us. I’m not getting my hopes up though.

  7. This is what I’m interested in out of the whole saga

  8. I’m very pleased about this. This is one place in which Sony has excelled itself.
    I want to be that guy who stands up and starts a slow, but gathering pace hand clap, which burst into rapturous applause – like in the movies.

    • You forgot to start the clap! I’ll start it for you;


      • That’s pretty creepy, the moment I read the word “clap”, someone in my house clapped…

  9. Sony really seem to be doing a lot for those affected by their mishap, it’s really good of them. As Johnson & Johnson proved way back when, companies that are perceived by the consumers to have put the interests of the consumer first generally end up better than those deemed to have shirked their responsibilities.

    Though Sony could have handled the first couple of weeks better I have to say, in my opinion at least, they really are making up for it now. Now all that’s left to do is get some id protection for Australia, and catch the fools who caused this whole mess in the first place and resurrect the practice of public hangings Then we are about square I’d say. ;)

  10. I won’t expect other countries to get supported. Maybe some Northern European countries and the Benelux Nations, but that’s it. Eastern Europe won’t get anything.

    • On the EU blog, they said they were looking into support for Poland, when someone asked.

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