FIFA 12 Video Leaked

A nine minute gameplay video of FIFA 12 has hit the ‘net, apparently uploaded by GameHDtv but first found by the aptly named FIFASoccerBlog.

It’s well worth watching – the video contains lots of details but ultimately shows that EA are deadly serious about this one – the Impact Engine alone should sell it.





  1. This video contains content from IDOL. It is not available in your country.

  2. Looks awesome – can’t wait to chop Tevez and/or Torres.

    • Or Ronaldo..

    • I don’t play sports games usually, but a lot of that looked like floppy rag doll physics to me. Overall, lacking in explosions.

  3. £100 says they over do the self-injuries thing and you find one in twenty sprints results in a player pulling up.

    • I was thinking that, and every tackle is going to make the player do flips and acrobatic falls to the ground. Still, it’s good to see they’ve realised there was something wrong with it, and I shall not judge until I’ve seen more videos/actually played the game myself.

  4. bring back sensible soccer I say

  5. Bought fifa 06,08,10 so will probably buy this now :)

  6. Hard to see but is that the same boring graphical bad crowd again? :(, How hard can it be to make them look a little good?

  7. How come after the vid has ended theres a link to Crysis 2 crack?

  8. Awesome!

  9. CAn’t belive how realistic that was, injuries are a major part of footy these days, now EA have done an excellent job in that area.

    By Re-Injury does it mean people who have injured one area once are slightly more susceptible to it happening in the same place? it looked like it showed fabregas do his hammy, has he doen that before?

  10. The video was boring me to tears until it got to the “tackling section”. The new animation system looks incredible.

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