Dylan Jobe Talks Starhawk

This marks the second straight year (at least) that Sony has announced a AAA exclusive in the days prior to E3. Last year it was Killzone 3, this year it was Starhawk.

Since the revelation, Starhawk has been the center of attention for a lot of gamers out there, including a few of us here at TSA. Yesterday, the US PlayStation Blog posted another bit of Starhawk goodness, in the form of a fresh interview with the president of Lightbox Interactive, Dylan Jobe.


You can find the video interview below but also don’t forget to check out our coverage from the reveal earlier this month, as well as Tuffcub’s hands-on impressions.

Source: US PS Blog



  1. Lmao, you can tell he loves his game and knows how it should be played :p looks great and I can’t wait to see more of it in future!

  2. Haha, I got about halfway through the video and got obsessed with how good the character’s scarf looks!

    Rest of the vid is awesome too, but damn that’s a nice scarf :)

  3. still looks good, just a shame its so far off still

    • Cant wait for this game…

  4. Laughed when he kept getting distracted by the screen & who can blame him. When the structure crushed the jet/robot (can’t remember name) at 3.35, was pretty cool. Exciting times, for gamers & devs alike.

  5. Dylan Jobe seens liek such a nice guy.
    The footage reminds me of Red Faction: Guerilla. Looks very good so far. If the single player campaign holds up this will be a day 1 purchase for me.

  6. “KNIFE HIM!” XD What and awesome guy, wanna work for him

  7. Now that’s a sexy game!

  8. I’ve seen Tuffcub’s hands on impressions before…..

    Not a pretty sight


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