PSN Store “Not Reopening Tomorrow”

Quick news update for anyone expecting the PlayStation Store to be open tomorrow: apparently it’s not going to be.

“The latest information I have on PlayStation Store,” says SCEE’s James Gallagher, “is that we are aiming to have it live by the end of May.”


“Contrary to popular rumours, it will not be reopening tomorrow but we will let you know [on the EU blog] as soon as the date is confirmed.”

Seems like Sony didn’t tell developers that today was the day, then.



  1. well its only a week away, so not too bothered.

  2. Nice as it would have been to have the store back, I’m not bothered about waiting longer (after all, it should be back next week by their estimate). I’m guessing they are working on extra security measures for the way card details are handled etc. Who knows, they may even be revamping the store?

  3. Oh well. I hope they do manage to get everything sorted and in place for the end of the month. If not I guess it’s just tough. Pretty sure Sony will be doing everything they can to sort it.

  4. Another week isn’t going to make much difference I guess.

    • It will to those trying to review DiRT 3’s online :-(


      • Damn right we want to play DiRT 3 online! We also want the extra cars that the redeem code will unlock! Raaaarrrrggh!!!

  5. Awh, diddums. Side question, can you do video chat on PS3 whilst doing other things like use internet/playstation store/games?

    • Don’t think so – One ‘application’ at a time i believe.
      Can’t say i have ever tried it myself though.

      • Thanks, thought that might be the case when I started talkin’ about skype video call to girlfriend who would video call my brother on PS3 who would turn camera to TV so I could tell him what stuff to download :p hehe, I guess I’ll be able to do it myself a week on friday unless the PS Store update for May lasts until next week’s wednesday only :s I think it will most certainly come back on July 1st and we’ll be told about it before the end of May just so people don’t complain about not getting it up before the end of May and all that communication between Sony stuff.

  6. Really……I never seen that coming :\
    (Aye…..that was my attempt at sarcasm)

  7. Shame….I have Portal 2, LA Noire, Brink and will have DiRT 3 DLC to redeem….not bothered about the free games! :(

    • Portal 2 DLC is handled on the steam side of things, I believe…

      • Thanks…I have a code for alternative “skins” for co-op, I’ll try it later!!

  8. So that’s now 33 days and counting. ‘End of May’ could mean another 7.

    40 days is a hell of a long time.

    Just saying.

    • Sony wants the store up more than us.But to make it secure it takes time!!!!

      • So should the welcome back package not be extended to 40 days you think?

  9. c;mon Sony I have DLC to redeem, and just the small matter of Fallout DLC to buy.

  10. So why is PSN going down from 4pm today then if it’s not the Store?

    • And more bizarrely, why have our PS+ subscriptions been extended from today? I think it was planned to come back tomorrow, but a last minute problem has held them up again.

      • It fits, you could be right

      • I checked my transaction history which said my PS+ account was update on 20th May.

    • The update could be for the store but they probably want to test it in a live enviroment before releasing it to the world. I would have though the store maybe back before Saturday.

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