Ghost Recon: Future Soldier “Better With Kinect” Box Art Spotted

Eagle eyed site, X360A, spotted an interesting listing on The box art for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier showing a “better with Kinect” banner.

Of course the page has suddenly vanished, but not before a screen-cap was taken.


The Kinect use, if true, could be a decent feature if used for signalling positions to your team. However, if it is used to take part in the annual Ghost Recon squad summer dance, that might not be as good (or would it?).

Source: X360A



  1. cant help but think they put off the release to implement this into the game and maybe move too (i cant remember if this has already been confirmed), being a futuristic game, they probably want it as ‘futuristic’ as possible.

  2. Have they changed the box art? It was always different to that. I guess after delaying it 4 times, they’re bound to have changed it.

  3. Hopefully this becomes a compelling reason to purchase Kinect. I’ve been on the fence since it was announced, but after shelling out cash on two sets of Move controllers and then never touching them again, i’m very hesitant about throwing more away. But if this shows developers how to impliment Kinect into core games, then consider me sold..or, kinect sold…you know what i mean.

  4. Still better with a controller and an army of foul-mouthed 12-years old?

    Hopefully its made into good use such as menus, voice commmands and other stuff.

  5. You’re reading it wrong. The full text on the box is: Kinect: better with kinect sensor.

    Waving your arms around without a sensor is fun, let alone with a sensor!

  6. Good.
    I hope more big games come out for both Move and Kinect.
    People took the risk in spending their money on the peripherals, it’s time to reward them!
    I hope it’s fully controllable, and not only limited to certain functions though.

  7. Maybe it’s voice commands?

  8. This could actually be pretty sweet depending on HOW Kinect is implemented. I couldn’t see it being used as an actual method of control, though it would be awesome to use Kinect to manipulate the HUD/Squad commands.

  9. playing the game with a pad and then using hand signals to command your squad could work well.

    i couldn’t see the whole game being played with kinect.

    and of course that would be one instance where kinect could have an advantage over move, you wouldn’t need another control device to use those commands, you just raise your arm in the air.

    • But the fact you’re playing with a pad in the first place would negate that advantage, wouldn’t it?

      • the advantage would be to play with a proper controller, then not need to pick up another controller to use the hand signals.

        with move you would have to either use move for the whole game or pick up the controller when you wanted to make the hand signals.

        just using kinect, would be terrible, just move would be ok, but i’d still prefer a pad, but combining kinect for certain features with a proper pad, could be the best way to make use of it.

        that hybrid control scheme could actually be the best way of utilising these motion control systems.

      • but yeah, it does negate then whole “your body is the controller” marketing line a bit.

      • a bit?

        it takes a huge running jumping flying turd right down on top of it.

        “you are the controller…but you need to use this controller as well…what did you expect?…there aren’t any dance moves in this game”

  10. How can Microsoft say it’s better with kincect!? It’s down to personal preference surely!?

    • because they make more money…so it’s much better for them.

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