Original “PS Vita” Source Closes Blog

Whilst we credited a blog called GamesPundit yesterday when we first found out about the whole ‘Vita’ thing, it appears that another blog got there first.  That site, Mega Rock Blog, seems to have missed some of the limelight but after a quick search it appears that site was the first with the shots.

We say ‘appears’, because here’s where it gets a bit confusing.  First up, the images and blog post were removed from Mega Rock Blog, and then the blog itself (it’s a Blogspot account) also disappears, leaving only this Google Cache as a reminder of what went down.  You’ll see a distinct lack of information up there on that cached page.


According to Joystiq, there was a post on the blog after bits had been removed that simply stated: “This has to be one of the stupidest things I’ve ever done. I don’t know what I was thinking. I’m sorry. I really am.”

It’s hard to really know why this was all changed.  Was Vita a simple hoax that took hold incredibly quickly and spread like wildfire, or did Mega Rock Blog really get hold of E3 press material that it shouldn’t have, and certainly shouldn’t have published on the web?

One thing’s for sure, we’ll find out soon enough – most expect Sony to reveal the final name of NGP next week at E3…

Source: Joystiq, via VG247

Update: looks like GamesPundit and Mega Rock Blog both got the info at the same time, according to an update on the former site’s original post.  “This morning I came onto the Internet,” says the site, “and found that [the Mega Rock Blog] blog had been totally removed and a few new articles sprung up saying that we stole the information from this blog without sourcing back to it originally and stealing the limelight.”

“As I said previously, we had our own source for this news and didn’t steal Mega Rock’s information.”



  1. What?

    • JK, just hope it isn’t Vita and something that doesn’t sound like a diet snack

  2. E3 next week. . .i can’t wait! :PP

    • In terms of the whole Vita thing, what we really need is a reality check, oh…

  3. I feel bad for SONY, as this happened last year, hardly a surprise in store come E3, everyone knew what they were going to announce

    • Everyone knew anyway, it wasn’t a bad thing, if fact it probably added to the amount of attention the NGP got last year.

      • The NGP didn’t get any attention last year.

      • I assume you mean the PSPgo – that was 2009.

    • Yeah, this must really be a kick in the teeth to Sony .. getting all this free publicity before their E3 conference .. how will they cope .. ( ;) )

  4. I guess it’s time for the Vita-haters to start sucking it up! :P

  5. Really hope it’s not called Vita.

    • Really, REALLY hope it’s not called Vita.

      • Really, really, really hope it IS called Vita. Learn up Latin, you bellends.

      • Really, really hope you’re not going to grow out of name-calling soon.

      • I mean, seriously, keep that up, makes your arguments all the more effective.

      • @meta Insulting other Members is not tolerated here and is against TSA’s Terms and conditions. They were only stating their comment and did not deserve to be insulted. If you have nothing nice to say then please don’t post. Have a happy day.:)

      • metamorph – we’re all entitled to our own opinions. Please, please try to put yours across in a less offensive way. You know… take the edge off of it.

        Personally, I really like the name although I’ll be happy if it just means something (whatever name they go with) and isn’t an acronym.

  6. Wow so does this mean the poor guy is locked in a concrete box somewhere ready for the lawers to lynch him senseless? Those embagos eh, phew, definitely damned if you do.

  7. It’s hard to tell whether Sony will be naming the console this. With the PSPgo and Xperia Play I think they might be senseless enough to call their new portable this.

    • I can’t believe how much people care about the name of an electronic device. At the end of the day the device is what counts.

  8. This name doesn’t make any sense. Even less than the Wii’s does.

    • Vita is Latin or Italian for ‘Life’.

  9. E3 is incoming all questioned will be answered.

  10. Since when do Sony name their consoles apart from the GO which was basically a revised PSP.

    Its always been numbers, I could understand if they called a newer variant of the PSP NGP the PSP Vita but the NGP is a totally different console to the PSP.

    It should be called the PSP2.

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