PS Vita Game Images Leak Out

Looks like Sony were showing off the NGP (or Vita) recently to the press at a London event.

We weren’t invited so we don’t know what the plan is, but have posted seemingly the first shots of some games, along with their impressions, including some titles we didn’t know about – one looks like a Pixeljunk game.


Hopefully we’ll get some time with the system at E3 next week.

Via GAF.



  1. WipEout, can I has it? :D

  2. Those do look good even if the name is weird at least the games will look good

  3. I like the AR fighting game – very neat idea hope its good

  4. WIPEOUT!!!! in the roads?… how are they floating on the roads? magic?

    Some of the screens are amazing, can’t wait to buy the Vita. Hopefully I can play Monster Hunter at launch but thats asking too much :D

  5. Uncharted looking fantastic, though I suspect Killzone and Resistance will look just as great.

  6. Oh look, its another super expensive piece of kit that is running inferior examples of games that we’ve all had for years.


    I should clarify that I really dont mean to be negative, but im sworn to myself that I’ll never jump onboard at launch agai after the latest gen. Im done with all that, early adopters pay the most and get the worst quality peice of equipment so no thanks, I’ll give it a year, and this is coming from someone who has been first in queue launch day since the Super Nintendo arrived and has bought pretty much every console/device released since.

    Although I will admit that i shall most likely be hanging around the store come release day trying not to look interested.

  7. Battlefield online in the palms of my hand quite simply that had me sold the moment i heard about the NGP ! Battlefield on the toilet , Battlefield in Work , Battlefield in bed , Battlefield when the missus wants to watch TV , Battlefield in the Garden etc etc .

  8. Simply awesome, I really want to get this now!

  9. So effing exciting.

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