PS Vita Game Images Leak Out

Looks like Sony were showing off the NGP (or Vita) recently to the press at a London event.

We weren’t invited so we don’t know what the plan is, but have posted seemingly the first shots of some games, along with their impressions, including some titles we didn’t know about – one looks like a Pixeljunk game.


Hopefully we’ll get some time with the system at E3 next week.

Via GAF.



  1. Wipeout is looking amazing. They do take awhile to make then but biy are they worth it. Online multi-player is a nice touch. Developed stated (in a US Playstation blog video on IGN) that one player could be on the NGP, another on a PS3 and 3rd could be playing the 3D version on the PS3. Nice way to step people up from NGP to PS3 to 3D via one game too.

    SSD portable? Wow, that is going to make me miss many stops on the Tube then!

    I really can’t wait to see what the launch line up is like. For once I’m glad I go a PSP go as I’ll have many games to play on day one.

    Seems the drip drip that they mentioned back when it was officially announced is starting to go up a gear for E3.

    Now price and rough launch dates please Sony.

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