New Battlefield 3 Trailers

Whilst there’s not yet video of the incredible Battlefield 3 tank demo that rounded out EA’s conference, we do have two new trailers for the game.


The first shows the game’s multiplayer for the first time on a map called ‘Operation Metro’:

The second is a run through the game’s many features, and shows off a load of previously unseen gameplay footage:

On top of that, it’s been announced that the game will be getting an open multi-platform beta, which will launch in September. Hope you’ve still got your copies of last year’s Medal of Honor lying around.

Source: YouTube (1,2)



  1. Looked good, shame it was only shown on a presumably Über-expensive PC with all the settings on max. It’s about time it was shown on consoles

    • I think they’re saving the first console gameplay for the Sony conference later tonight. It would make sense seeing as Activision are costing up to Microsoft

    • I don’t really care about graphic details, it’s the gameplay that makes Battlefield games so awesome :)

      • agreed but i think nowadays, people want & expect both, i know i do.

      • agreed gameplay more important, but i think nowadays, alot ofpeople want & expect both, i know i do.

    • Oh, this is interesting: just read that John Andersson from DICE tweeted that the Frostbite trailer actually contains a mixture of PC and console footage.

  2. I love the second video, the Frostbite 2 engine is ridiculous.

  3. Great to see the bradley anti personnel cannon is back, both vids look superb, i really want to play the beta (hurry up september). I’m glad i held onto my limited edition copy of medal of honor, just for the Battlefield beta :)

  4. God I hope the graphics on consoles are at least comparable to computer. My PC won’t run this at all.

    Nothing like being in a building and being knocked back by an exploding wall. It was great in Bad Company 2 and now it just looks so much prettier.

  5. I want now. I may have to pre order everything now while i have money as i don’t think i can wait until xmas for this.

  6. Glad they are still using that sound effect at the end, it’s fantastic!

  7. Like the way the guy at the end puts his hand up to stop the building landing on him lol

  8. Wow ! I really hope i can find a couple of grand to really do this game justice and get it on PC ! Either way PC or PS3 its going to be awesome . Think i may even book the day off work and not tell the Girlfriend !

  9. Never liked battlefield before but this looks epic, i think it might replace COD this year

  10. This game looks the dugs nuts……..reckon it’s gonna be another must buy for me, later in the year :)

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