Kinect Star Wars and Disneyland Adventures Revealed

Don’t you just wish sometimes that the big companies at E3 would keep the reveals to their press conferences, and stop ruining things ahead of time? Well, let the wishful thinking continue, as Microsoft has just released a new trailer and a whole load of details on Kinect Star Wars for the 360, ahead of it media briefing later today.


“Players (either alone or with a friend/padawan) can “use The Force” to lift or throw objects by reaching out with a hand (or both hands, for moves that require extra effort), just like the Jedis do in the movies,” reads the article on Entertainment Weekly that revealed the game. “You also use your hands to mimic other movements, like driving a pod-racer, firing the guns on an X-wing fighter, and of course, wielding a lightsaber to hack at droids and deflect laser bolts… although if you need the tactile experience of holding a laser sword, go ahead and use your toy lightsaber (we know you have one) — it won’t subvert the experience.”

The game’s ‘Jedi Destiny’ story mode is set during the modern trilogy, but will see you visiting locations from the original movies, whilst the on-foot gameplay appears to be on-rails, as rumoured. A bit more gameplay can be seen in a video posted by French website Bamar en Live, featuring Kudo Tsunoda:

Also revealed in that video is Kinect Disneyland Adventures, and whilst the video is all in French (anyone who fancies doing a bit of translating, go right ahead; my GCSE skills have long since abandoned me), it looks like you’ll be wandering around a recreation of the famous theme park, collecting coins and playing mini-games. More details will likely be announced at Microsoft’s press shindig tonight.

Oh, and just because this post mentions both Kinect and Kudo, I’m gonna go right ahead and embed this here video – enjoy:

Source: announcement – Entertainment Weekly (via Joystiq), trailer –



  1. Pew Pew Pew!!

  2. Disneyland looks cool, Star Wars Kinect looks terrible.

    • I’m no Star Wars fan but it looks cool to me but we can expect a lot of that driving/flying stuff will be on rails.

  3. Can you say Minigames? Say Minigames!

  4. Star wars saber needs move. Ps eye can track movement so using the force would still work. The game however looks awful.

    • Looks rather Wii like doesn’t it. That what you get when you use those copycat avatars..

  5. Move and the Wiimote were made for Star Wars.. moreso for move because of the glow from the ball..

  6. wow, the sunglasses do come off, i thought he had them welded on or something.

    anyway, i don’t think much of that star wars game from that video.
    i’ll bet when most people imagined a motion controlled jedi game, they thought of having direct control of a light saber and engaging in proper duels, blocking, parrying and attacking the way you would if you were holding a lightsaber in your hand.
    i doubt many people imagined waving your arm in front of you to make the on screen character perform a canned animation attack.

  7. The Disney game looks great for kids and looks to be along the lines of Kinect Adventures, a perfect fit imo.
    The Star Wars game looks as shit as it did the first time they showed it which doesn’t show a lot of promise for their other Kinect core game reveals.

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