MW3 Black Tuesday Gameplay

Yesterday, during Microsoft’s E3 keynote Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling appeared on stage to reveal Modern Warfare 3’s gameplay, but away from lights and the attention of the main stage he appeared again to show off 13 more minutes of action in the Black Tuesday mission which is centred around the New York Stock Exchange.


The drip-feeding of MW3 information hasn’t hindered pre-orders of the title, as its run-rate has surpassed the previous record for pre-orders set by its predecessor Black Ops as the franchise goes from strength to strength. Activision also cleared up a lot of the confusion surrounding which features are free in CoD Elite, the new, optional service which they say greatly enhances the MW3 proposition.


Source: GameTrailers



  1. Oooh … pretty.

    • Pretty, yeah. But looking at what I saw I think i’ll get bored of it quite quickly.

    • I thought so too Kovacs

      • I think the series has become very stale. They’ve cleArly run out of ideas. I mean how many times can they expects us to go point a to b shoot a bit have a cutscene then rinse and repeat. No innovation at all.

      • ^ That was only 1 level, people keep buying the Assassin Creed series for example. I’m sure there will be some variation and decent vehicle levels such as the Blackbird level in Black Ops.

      • Jaffa, surely that describes the majority of FPS games?

    • Pretty?
      Have you been watching a different trailer to me?
      There are many things you can praise COD for:
      Sales, non-stop action, fluid gameplay, multiplayer … fair enough.
      But pretty?
      I can’t see any improvement on MW2. And MW2 had a marginal graphical improvement over MW1.
      Graphically COD was great back in 2007, but since then we’ve had Killzone 2 & 3 and Crysis 2. Battlefield 3 is coming soon.
      Argue that COD is the king of gameplay, that’s your preference, but pretty. Even taking into account the fact it runs at 60fps at 600p it is multiple times worse looking than Killzone 2 which came out in 2009.

      • Anyone can see a graphical uplift, lots of dynamic lighting additions and various other stuff, is it the best looking game? No, but neither is it as bad as a vocal minority make-out.
        Comparing it to BF3 is odd, when we’ve only seen BF3 running on PC, presumably great ones with all the settings on max.

      • MW3 definitely isn’t bad looking, but neither is it pretty.
        Neither artistically or technically.
        For 2007 it was a great looking game. For 2011 it’s average at best.
        If you compare shooters. Killzone 2 trounced COD4 “graphically” in 2009.
        And COD has never caught up to that benchmark that was set 2 years ago.
        KZ2 to KZ3 made another graphical leap
        And now COD is way behind.
        From COD 4 to 6 to 8 the difference is negligible.
        Re: Battlefield 3. PS3 footage has been shown … v briefly.
        Watch the most recent E3 trailer in the bottom right it says PS3 footage a couple of times.

    • Does the guy at 10:45 not sound like Obama?

  2. Mm, it just doesn’t interest me in the way that Battlefield 3 does.

  3. Looks no different to the last MW to me (not that it’s a bad thing). Definitely not as ‘ball-grabbing’ as the BF3 trailer.

    • I agree – but I still think MW2 graphics look good now (especially compared to Black Ops). The graphic weren’t what people disliked about MW2.

      I think MW3 can get away with the same, or only slightly improved graphics, if it has a decent story, more balanced & improved multiplayer, and destructable environments. Even if the game has minor improvements, it needs to have improvements as BF3 is getting a lot better.

      It’s probably worth mentioning that the above was on XBox (I think) yet any BF3 gameplay seems to be on top-spec PCs…before everyone says “BF3 is better”, so it’s difficult to compare at this stage.

      • All games look good compared to Black Ops.
        Black Ops PS3 version ran at 544p 40frames per second.
        With horrible cartoony graphics, muddy textures, canned death animations, canned lighting, poor particle effects. I could go on all day about how bad Black Ops looks.

      • Indeed, and the gun sounds were awful.

  4. The same old same old.

  5. Looks great, new guns, new attachments (dual scopes) etc.

  6. got bored after 1 minute. Same old stuff. Looks nicer, but its the same game as last

    • I agree. I’ve been watching trailers from E3 all morning that is the only one I stopped watching.

  7. Same shit different year

  8. Is this mw2 story dlc? Because that’s what it looks like..
    Bf3 for me unless multiplayer in this is revolutionary.

  9. I’m in agreement with most people here, it is just the same old COD. I only watched a couple of minutes and got bored. I think Battlefield 3 is for me later this year.

  10. American Flag-fest

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