PS Home Traffic Is “Through the Roof”

It seems now that the PSN is back online you’re all rushing to get onto PlayStation Home. Home’s director, Jack Bauer…no, Buser, had the following to say:

“We’re having record traffic in Home. The week we restored the service, we hit a new record in terms of weekly unique users. We were watching the numbers and we were just so excited. We were just dancing in the streets.

The numbers are through the roof. I think it speaks to the loyalty of our user base, and to the power of these kinds of platforms.”

Apparently Home is the only PSN service to exceed previous traffic records, with other activities at around 90% of what they were before the hack. 

Source: Gamasutra



  1. Was it the running man they were doing?

  2. But isn’t this only due to E3, not because people enjoy Home? I only checked it for E3 and otherwise find it pointless most of the time. Just my opinion.

    • Same, I checked out home for the first time in months just for the E3 stuff.

  3. Haven’t touched home in about 2 and a half years, I got my 2 free games (Infamous and Dead… something) as well as my PS+ on the go though. To be honest, I’m more happy that I got Streets of Rage 2 free than the two PS3 games :/

  4. Shame people don’t use Home much…. its nice now, some cool items and spaces… especially Irem & co, Gensan FTW!!

    Its not the best experience alone much like Littlebigplanet

  5. I was on there. I really need a wireless keyboard and headset to really enjoy it though, it’s just a pain without them.

  6. I’m still wondering what the home welcome back deal is going to be. No news of it in this week’s update.

  7. Probably GTOWN logging on and off to get his Home Fix that bumped up the traffic.

    • Actually I was going to check on the “guests” I have in my special 1 way cellar.
      But yes I do enjoy Home and this is good news. On a side note the new top down shooter from Lockwood is rather good. You can try the free version in the main square. I suggest that you all go and try it.
      Then meet me in my apartment so I can groom you. Ask 8_Bit and Bunimomike how that feels.

  8. why are people using Home? Its crap

    • As always, your comments brighten my day. (sarcasm)

      • who let the trolls out… “primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response, or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.” Before i hear, “it’s their only their opinion,” this is only my opion of theirs.

      • My comment is not trolling, its my opinion. My question asks why people are using it? So E*_Ball, do you use it, and if so, why?

        I honestly just wondered. When I have been in there, its mostly blokes trying to chat woman up and dancing, thats about it.

        Maybe my comment was blunt, but why butter it up. I’m saying what I think.

      • I don’t like home as it happens, but can’t see the point of posting that opion. (for a second I thought this was a cod article.)

      • Oh really, someone doesn’t like bilbos comments lol. Maybe you shouldn’t read them if you don’t like them. It seems you don’t like to answer my question either that I asked you. Therefore, who is feeder the apparent troll now?

      • No i don’t like your comments, generally negative. Every cod article, you moan & groan, we get it you don’t like cod. Trolling consists of baiting, which is what your last comment was an attempt at. I ans your prev question, (which you & i both know your first comment was meant as a statement, not a question.) I dont care for home, but how mentioning that, (its crap, fing shit, waste of hdd etc(not my opion.) ) is adding a constructive element to the topic it is blatantly not.

      • Lastly, why would anyone, seeing the headline on main menu, thinking that sounds interesting i’ll check it out, want to read, “why are people using Home? Its crap.”

    • Bilbo, I agree with you, though perhaps not so bluntly.

    • I agree but even more bluntlierer – it’s fu*king sh*t!

      • I raise your bluntierer and give you a James Blunt

      • You might want to rethink your id tag.

      • comment directed to peacekeeper.

      • You might want to rethink your face. (e8 ball)

      • ummm, intersecting comeback to say the least. (instigator or keeper of the peace, oh the irony. now do you understand my initial comment)

    • Is it crap? I don’t think so, It’s come on over the last two years, it’s quicker, slicker, has some great areas and games. It’s not perfect but it’s getting better all the time, so crap? not really no.

  9. Surely saying numbers have reached a record high is nonsense unless you’re going to actually tell us what those numbers are?

    I’ve tried to like Home, I really have, but it’s just a waste of HDD space

    • I agree – I actually think it’s a little sad if people use it to talk to or meet friends, isn’t that what phones are for? And it’s not really user friendly compare to facebook etc

      Although its not as much of a waste of HDD space as the recent Super Street Fighter update that has you install about 670mb, yet the content isn’t even useable unless you buy the DLC to unlock it at £11.99! :(

  10. ive been on twice in the last week and I NEVER go on home, mainly to check out the e3 coverage.

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