PSN Breach: Anonymous Arrested

The New York Times is reporting that three members of the ‘shadowy international network of computer hackers known as Anonymous’ have been arrested in Spain. The source of the news is a statement from the Spanish National Police.

A 31-year-old man from the city of Almería was arrested sometime after May 18th and police found a server in his apartment that was used to attack the Sony group of websites including the PS Store. Two other suspects were arrested in Barcelona and Valencia.


The Police say the same computer was also used to attack ‘two Spanish banks, BBVA and Bankia, the Italian energy company Enel, as well as government sites in Spain, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Iran, Chile, Colombia and New Zealand’.

Spanish police have analysed over two million lines of chat logs and web pages to identify the ‘hacktavists’.

We’ll keep you posted on any further news.

Source: NY Times



  1. now they’re going to prison, it’ll be there turn to get ‘breached’

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  2. Codemasters have also been hacked!

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  3. If true, good to see something can be done and action can be taken. The last month, it has certainly become more prevalent, at least what we know about. Funnily enough, I have just received an email from Codemasters saying they have been seriously breached on 3 June. I bet it is opening a few eyes all this.

  4. Ha ha – idiots – I’ll attack a company as big as Sony and Spanish Banks….then leave the server in my appartment. Dummies.

    • Also, wasn’t a file found on the Sony servers with some kind of quote from Anonymous, which they said wasn’t theirs? So perhaps it wasn’t someone trying to frame them, but actually their stupid mistake of leaving the file there.

      • I think it said “we are legion” and was left in SOE..

    • Yes, it seems amazingly clumsy of them to allow themselves to be traced.

  5. Also been reported here

    Did find your source funny (nytimes)
    PARIS — The Spanish police

    Since when was Paris in Spain?

    • It means the reporter of news item is in Paris, not that Paris is in Spain :)

  6. Sony got what they deserved, a good ass-whooping.

    • I’m sorry, what?

      • Don’t feed em, once you do they never go away.

      • Removing features we paid for
        Suing GeoHot, even though his CFW didn’t allow copied games
        Breaching international law by gathering IP addresses of all those who viewed GeoHot’s videos
        Forcing the police to raid hackers homes
        Changing the Terms of Service so they can legally spy on you
        Locking out 3rd party controllers
        Constant FW updates with no new features
        Not properly encrypting our personal data

        Amongst other things.

      • >>Removing features we paid for

        Nope, TOS said features could be removed. You agreed to TOS buy using a PS3. It sucks, but it wasnt illegal.

        >>Suing GeoHot, even though his CFW didn’t allow copied games

        Wrong again, the sued him for reverse engineering some code.

        >>Breaching international law by gathering IP addresses of all those who viewed GeoHot’s videos

        They had to go to court to get this so, Law courts dont usually say “Hay, breah all the laws you like!”

        >>Forcing the police to raid hackers homes

        They broke the law, so why shouldnt they be arrested?

        >>Changing the Terms of Service so they can legally spy on you

        Yeah cos no other company collects details on you on the sly..

        >>> Locking out 3rd party controllers

        Perfectly acceptable – why sould Sony to by Non sony products?

        >>Constant FW updates with no new features

        Really? Your crying because you have to download a 10 meg update?

        >> Not properly encrypting our personal data

        Ah well done, you finally made a decent point.

      • The TOS are agreed when you sign into PSN, not when you buy a PS3. GeoHot claimed he never had a PSN account for precisely this reason, but I find that hard to believe.

        Also since when are the updates 10mb? They are regularly 150mb+. We’ve not had any worthwhile extra features since June 2010, which is 9 firmware updates ago, with a 10th (3.70) landing soon.

        I think Sony deserved it by acting like they were the God Almighty. I love my PS3, but hate the way Sony act like this. This big-headedness is the main reason they got hacked in the first place.

        IMO Microsofts approach to hacking/hackers is much more reasonable which is ‘leave them alone and let them do what they want, but keep them off Live.’

      • I’m telling you guys, if we all stay really quite, he’ll thnk no one is home and leave. Trust me.

      • Thank you for your patronising comments Juelz345, now would you like to say something constructive?

      • @killfelix – I’m pretty sure if you bought a ps3 with other os and didn’t set up a psn account you still have other os. It’s only when u sign up for an online account you are required to update your ps3. So you still have the choice. Also, u shouldn’t defend Microsoft too much as ms operated machines get hacked all the time.

      • >>Removing features we paid for

        As TC said, it was ALWAYS part of the licence agreement that they could remove or alter the software. You DON’T need to sign into PSN to agree with this – it’s on the back of the box AND on the T&C in the box when you buy the PS3. If you don’t like them you have the option to return the PS3 after purchase.

        >>Suing GeoHot, even though his CFW didn’t allow copied games

        It was a DCMA more than anything, and had to do with distribution of security circumvention.

        >>Breaching international law by gathering IP addresses of all those who viewed GeoHot’s videos

        That’s ridiculous. Firstly, it was court approved. Secondly, it was limited in investigation in order to clarify jurisdiction. Sony don’t just ‘have’ those IPs.

        >>Forcing the police to raid hackers homes

        Ok crazy. How’s that tin foil hat going?

        >>Changing the Terms of Service so they can legally spy on you

        The T&Cs read identically to MS’s and Nintendos. All of the say pretty much the same thing.

        >>Locking out 3rd party controllers

        You mean locking out counterfeit Dualshock 3 controllers? It’s called business.

        >>Constant FW updates with no new features

        They went to incremental updates some time ago. Not sure what planet you’re on, but as TC said, if you’re upset about a few mbs that help secure the system you’re not going to get any sympathy around here.

        >>Not properly encrypting our personal data

        Nor encrypting user data is very common and nto actually required by law. The CC details were encrypted and the passwords were hashed.

    • @KillFelix

      I think the fact that firmware updates over the past several months brought about more security for users is a little more important than ‘features’, although the Cloud Save update in March and the 3D support update in September can be included as pretty decent features.
      If you’re after features over console security then you should probably re-evaluate your priorities.

  7. YES, Justice

    • just what i was about to say :)

      • We can all say it together when TSA storms the court when they get prosecuted :P

    • They got Deathspanked.

  8. Now we can all wait for the eventual second attack on Sony as retribution for arresting the hackers.

    PSN goes down in 3…2…

    • Not before I download the new Zombie map pack please!!!

    • Shouldn’t they theoretically be hacking the Police instead?

      But you are probably right, they would probably just think ‘They hacked Sony & got arrested ergo it’s Sony’s fault… Let’s hack them again!’

      Will we ever see the end to these stories?? :(

    • 2nd attack? don’t you mean 20th attack?

    • Oh god hacking the police would be crazy, are they that stupid?

  9. This’ll probably lead to ramifications…

    • Ramifications up the butt in a Spainish prison? *Snigger*

  10. “PSN Breach: Anonymous Arrested”
    Punching the air and whooping is for sissies. *thinks back to Microsoft conference* FIST BUMP!! ;)

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