Over 2 Million Applications Received For CoD Elite Beta

Call of Duty Elite caused quite an uproar amongst the gaming community when it was announced last month. Some folks were positive about the new program but a lot of gamers apparently saw this as Activision’s attempt to make Call of Duty a paid service.

Luckily, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, Call of Duty Elite will be a service that can be accessed for free by any and all that desire and apparently, there are a lot of gamers that want to have access to it.


Word came down from Activision employee, ‘One Of Swords’, that over two million people have signed up for Call of Duty Elite beta. The beta starts later this month and according to Mr. Swords himself, they certainly wouldn’t mind having more applicants. After all, “two million volunteers among 30 million Call of Duty players is a small amount.”

Be sure to let us know if you’ll be trying out CoD Elite when it launches this fall.

Source: One of Swords



  1. Im not sure what to say, although this should have been expected. Still not really bothered, it’s a fun game, just wish something other than a FPS (and Minecraft) would get some attention. Fez, anyone?

  2. I signed up for the beta! Only because I want to see what you get for free and if its worth paying for it!

    • There’s loads that’s free

      The premium elements are still to be announced and to be honest I’d struggle to see what more anyone could want that isn’t already included, but it will include all DLC and there’s strong rumours that a live action mini-movie series will also feature. Basically lots of premium, but non-essential stuff

  3. Loved when Ea talked about BF3 at E3. When they said that everything is FREE.(exkluding DLCs ofcourse)

    • Battlefield3’s Battlelog is free and every feature which is in that is also free in CoD Elite, don’t believe the FUD spread by the vocal minority

    • Probably, the content in the disk you’ll buy will be free for unlocking whenever they want…

  4. I signed up for the beta as well, just to see what its actually like. I can safely say that I will not be paying for a subscription for the premium features though.

  5. 1.97 million of them will be kids who can’t test betas anyway.

  6. 2 million idiots ,arfff.

  7. I don’t know why i did it, havn’t got black ops so if i do get a code i’ll post on forum and 1st person gets it.

  8. Hoping it’s first come first served then, I managed to sign up within an hour or so of it’s being announced.

  9. that is 2 million 8 yr old Americans then…….

    • minus a few beloved TSA members of course :L for the first time ever i am not actually buying COD at all this year, feels good

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