Eurogamer Blacklisted As Duke PR Scuffle Rolls On

Yesterday 2K Games’ PR company, The Redner Group, spoke out in a negative light about certain games reviewers, inferring that they’d be struck off the list for future games based on their scores for Duke Nukem.  Later yesterday, presumably as a result of the Tweet, 2K Games publicly stated that they won’t have anything to do with the company in future.

“2K Games does not endorse or condone the comments made by @TheRednerGroup,” they said on Twitter, “and confirm they no longer represent our products.”


However, in the last hour or so, Eurogamer’s editor Tom Bramwell Tweeted that his site is blacklisted by 2K Games already. “I feel sorry for TheRednerGroup today,” he said. “We are blacklisted by @2KGames and it seems to be standard practice.”

It’s not clear whether Eurogamer were blacklisted before or as a result of their Duke Nukem Forever review.

As far as we’re aware we’re not blacklisted, although we didn’t get review code for the game in question – ultimately our copy was bought by the reviewer, Dan, on the day of release, and a further copy arrived from Microsoft the following week.

We scored the game 5/10.



  1. Serves them right, you don’t F with the King, baby :)

  2. Hahaha! That’s actually a bit of a giggle “BAW Someone didn’t like our game! We are gonna throw the banhammer on them.” Petty really.

  3. Amazingly by 2KGames, not just the PR company?


  4. Haha, no one messes with the Duke!
    In all seriousness, I don’t understand what 2K were expecting in terms of review scores. You only have to look at the competition and realise DNF is very average in terms of gameplay/visuals, then other quirks such as laggy online and awful load times make 3-5/10 a fair score imo.
    That said, I am actually sort of enjoying it at the moment, but I think 2K were kidding themselves if they considered their product 8-9/10 material

  5. It’s a bit whiny really.

  6. Perhaps they should realise that Duke is a shit game!

    • I whole heartedly agree with your view

    • Seconded!

    • For balance, I do not agree

    • Just to spice it up a bit I disagree, but in all fairness I can’t remember the question.

  7. Judging by all the review scores I’ve seen, it’s hardly surprising that 2K have thrown their dummy out of the pram.

  8. Redner group acted like a spoiled brat. “you don’t like our game,so we won’t send it to you next time wah wah wah”. I am glad 2K games have ditched them. I have heard rumours about Eurogamer being a tad bit biased on their reviews. If they are true then that could have been a legit reason to block them. If that’s not the case then it’s a bit of a nobish move on their part. The problem is that DNF came out in a market dominated by FPSes.(mainly COD) and most reviews would have tried to compare it to COD. From what i have seen of DNF it is a average game. In terms of gameplay but the humour is very good. I would probably give it a 5 or a 6/10 if i ever review it. There was too much hype for it. A 5 is not a bad score,but other sites tend to use a 7 for average games and a 5 is “bad” on them. 2kgames needs to accept that their game was a disappointment and learn from their mistakes. Then use that to make a better Duke Nukem game next time. Instead of going “our game is teh bestest game, you are all wrong!”. Wow, i have gone on for a bit. Whoops.

    • Anyone who would compare DNF with CoD would have to be retarded. Just because it’s an FPS doesn’t mean that it equates to a CoD (or similar) game.

      They are completely different games regarding with way they are played, their sense of humour, the realism behind them, etc. The only thing that bundles them together is the fact they are both FPSs. It’s not like DNF was trying to be the next CoD.

      • I agree. You wouldn’t compare Gran Turismo to Mario Kart just because they are both racers.

      • Well, you can.
        One’s amazing fun and second only to Muppet Racing on the PS1 and the other ZzZzzZz


      • Sadly, a lot of reviewers do that.:( Luckily TSA doesn’t do that.:D

  9. If you can’t take criticism, stop producing boxes of crap. This is beneath 2K.

  10. Surprised 2K have done this. They managed to look kinda like the good guys by ditching the PR company, and now this just put’s them back at their level.

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