New HD Video Show Replacing FirstPlay

Future Publishing, who own and operate CVG and Official PlayStation Magazine among others, have announced a joint venture video show with Sony. The new show will replace the now defunct FirstPlay which released its final episode on the 6th of July.

The best thing about this new show is that it will be absolutely free. It’s not clear if that means “free to PS+ subscribers” or genuinely free to everyone but we assume the latter, while remaining cautiously pessimistic about the possibility of the former.

The weekly downloadable show will feature HD video magazine segments and professionally produced footage from upcoming PlayStation games. It sounds a lot like a rebranding of FirstPlay, which is no bad thing. We don’t have a name yet but I would half expect something that features inappropriate use of the letter “Q”…

Source: CVG


  1. Good stuff, will be interesting to see how it turns out.

  2. I liked FirstPlay, but I was too cheap to buy anything more than two or three episodes, and those were ones that came with downloads too.

    • I really didn’t like the presentation of FirstPlay but the production values were amazing, as they should be from a Sony-backed Future Publishing venture. Hopefully they tweak the format slightly and hit the right keys with this one.

  3. Great, it’d be good to have genuine exclusive details surface there.

  4. FirstPlay should’ve been free as part of Plus from the start. Anyway, why do we not just have a ‘Pulse EU’ or something at least for free?

    • Oh, Pulse is superb. Just saying.

      • An eu take on Pulse & Qore(free p+) please. evidently not going to happen. Pulse & Qore, are quality 1st party services, was cheap, bad presenter, low quality sound, visuals & annoying jokes. Will give new show a go, but fear i’ll still be stuck with pulse only, as new gig is by same publishers as

      • You haven’t lived until you’ve heard Christina Lee describe Dantes Inferno ! :P

      • that was a fine episode.

  5. Could actually be quite good, as long as it’s properly free.

  6. Count me in…

  7. sounds half decent

  8. Will it be available for people outside the UK this time?

  9. First plays dead!?

    Didn’t know tht and I only renewed my subscription last monday!? HUH LOL

    • i would imagine there will be refunds going out.

      though knowing sony you’ll probably have to ask for them o_O

    • Oh, unlucky. My subscription ran out just before last Wednesday’s release, and I hadn’t got round to renewing it. Guess I can tick that one off the to-do list.

  10. Lets hope they won’t promise exclusive demos and betas this time so people won’t complain when they don’t offer them (not really their fault as PS+ happened)

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