TSA’s Top 100 of 2011 Recap: 60 – 56

…and then there were sixty. We’re almost at the halfway point, and here are another five games for your perusal. One of them even actually came out – in Japan at least.

60: Agent


Ah, Agent. A game announced at E3 2009 with a name and logo, and – well actually that’s it. Despite the lack of information though, it still managed to chart at number 60 in our most anticipated games of 2011 on the back of its developer alone: Rockstar North, home of the GTA franchise.

Well, it’s been almost nine months since we posted Agent as part of our list, with Quinlank even saying “I’d lay money on this being cancelled within a year. No news of any kind in two years or so does not bode well.” True, there’s not a lot of information out there, but the success of the 1940’s set L.A. Noire surely told Rockstar that another period game (this time 1970’s espionage thriller, as opposed to cop work) might do pretty well.

Will Agent make it out in 2011? Barring a miracle, no. Rumours pegged new footage for E3, but that turned out to be a dead end. For what it’s worth, our sources tell us the game is still definitely in production, and we should hear more about it as Max Payne 3’s release nears. Don’t count on it staying PS3-exclusive though.

59: True Crime: Hong Kong

Here’s an interesting one: True Crime was actually cancelled back at the beginning of the year by Activision, seemingly destined to lie forever unfinished. But no, only this week Square Enix announced they had acquired the rights to the game, which was in production at ModNation Racers developers United Front Games.

As far as we know, the game remains the same – “Players take on the role of Detective Wei Shen, a member of Hong Kong’s Triad Bureau, a division dedicated to fighting the organised crime syndicate’s nefarious grip on the seedier side of the city,” as Lee wrote back in November – but with a new publisher on board, things could of course change.

It’s unlikely the game will make it out in 2011, but what we do know is that it’ll need a name change – whilst Square Enix bought the game, the rights to the brand name stay with Activision. But be happy – it’s one of those rare occasions that a canned game actually gets a chance to be finished, and hopefully some of those laid off at United Front as a result of the cancellation will be able to rejoin the team now it’s back in production.

58: Battlefield 3

Given the results of Tuffcub’s last Massive Poll – where 66% of replies said they would buy Battlefield 3, with only 8% saying they’d get Modern Warfare 3 instead – it’s interesting to see BF3 slot into 58th place in this list compared to MW3’s number 34.

However, bear in mind this was before we’d seen any media from either game. Now, with a MW3 demo shown at E3, and a couple of Battlefield 3 gameplay videos out there too, opinion seems to have swung in the direction of the underdog. Whether or not that’ll hold true come November is another thing entirely, but for now it looks like EA and DICE’s new toy has pride of place in the minds of this site’s readers at least.

The fight between the two games has been heating up of late: EA showing off the free Battlelog service against Activision’s CoD Elite service with some subscription-based elements, and the former company also taking every opportunity to blanket the world in advertising. Healthy competition normally leads to stronger games though, and Medal of Honor limited edition owners will be able to get into the Battlefield beta from next month to make their minds up for themselves. The full game is out 28th October on PC, PS3, 360 and iOS.

57: Yakuza: Of The End

Yakuza: Of The End (arguably the fifth main entry – or a spin-off – depending who you talk to) saw the series take a bizarre twist towards the inevitable zombie apocalypse. This is Yakuza though, and so should slaughtering the undead masses become a bit too much, there’s always the darts, fishing and karaoke minigames to break it up.

Originally, the game was to release on March 17th in Japan, but following the earthquake and tsunami that hit the region in the previous week, the game was indefinitely postponed. As a result of the disaster, Irem also completely cancelled Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 4 – the latest in the series released in Europe as SOS: The Final Escape – a game which would have seen players trying to escape a massive earthquake in a big city, and Sony cancelled its plans to release MotorStorm Apocalypse in Japan. Yakuza: Of The End eventually made it out in the country on June 9th.

Sega have yet to announce international release plans for Of The End – the previous game Yakuza 4 only released here and in the States in March 2011 – but expect it sometime early next year.

56: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

I didn’t really know too much about Future Soldier before I looked it up for this post. I vaguely remembered a bit of waving around related to it at this year’s Microsoft E3 presser but that was about it. Here’s a funny little snippet: Future Soldier was originally announced a couple of months after the PSP-3000 (not the Go) was released, and Ubisoft’s current estimates put it as releasing a couple of months after the PlayStation Vita. In fact, the PSP port – still titled Ghost Recon: Predator – will probably end up being one of the last non-movie-game releases on PSP when it finally comes out. Oh and another thing: if Ghost Recon Online makes it out in fall 2011 as planned, it’ll have beaten its predecessor to market. Yeah, Future Soldier has been in development that long.

Anyway, Future Soldier itself is a relatively cool-looking futuristic shooter, with all the classics: optical camouflage, destructible cover, and drones galore. As announced at E3, there will be Kinect support in the final game, both in a Forza 4-esque gun inspector (obviously the Forza version has cars instead of guns, silly) and in-game. Quite how well that opening-and-closing your hand to fire will work over in real gameplay though is still to be determined.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier should be out in spring 2012 on PS3, 360, PC, Wii and PSP.

That’s the lot for today, more tomorrow as we edge further up our ‘Could Be A Hit’-list…



  1. I didn’t realise that GR: Online and GR: Future Soldier were different games…
    Shooters don’t usually spend too long in development, do they?

  2. This is just SHODDY JOURNALISM

    • Muahaha! Shoddy, I tell you!

    • You do realise you’re talking to yourself, right?

      Did you sign an NDA? You shouldn’t be talking if you signed an NDA.

      • Oh yes, I signed an NDA, but I don’t care.

        I’ll tell you all now, and you’ll hear it here first…Gearbox is going to announce Borderla….oh

        …you already knew?

  3. Wow – Had no idea True Rime had been snapped up again! I was really looking forward to that, so colour me excited! :D

    Although will wait to see what it’s now called, i’m sure they won’t go with ‘The Fluffy Toy Adventure’!!

    • Oh, I didn’t realise TSA didn’t report on that. Was pretty big news last week. Everybody is happy. Yay!

      • In other news, i have no idea what ‘True Rime’ actually is!!

        Sounds like a contender to Def Jam Rapstar. XD

      • Hearing that true crime had been brought back from the dead made me happy. Anyway, the game wasn’t even called true crime to begin with (can’t recall the original name though). Only later Activision thought the game could belong in the True Crime franchise.

  4. hope agent will be developed and released, also can’t wait for BF3. That 11mins footage is fantastic stuff :)

  5. Of these, Battlefield 3 is definitely my most anticipated.I it’s been ages since I last got an FPS (not really a fan of the genre) but I think I’ll be getting this.

  6. What? MW3’s number 34?

    You spoiled it already! Where’s the tension and surprise!

    Shoddy journalism!

  7. Battlefield 3 :)
    Would defiantly be placed higher up the list now, for me anyways.

  8. I played True Crme at an Activision event in March 2010 – it was pretty much finished and lots of fun – slamming bad guys heads in fridge doors was very amusing.

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