Meet the Reader: YOURMUMANDME

Welcome back to another installment of Meet the Reader. This week we’ve got one of the more popular characters around these parts. Your mum, and me… No, no, I mean YOURMUMANDME. 


Who are ye, how auld are ye, and where did ye come from? How’s my Scottish accent?

That was very decipherable scots! I am Russel Cook, I am 25 and a bit years old and I’m from an awful place called Cupar in Fife, Scotland.

Awful? What’s so bad about it?

I live there! Nah, It’s OK just fairly quiet.

I could imagine your presence knocking tens of thousands from local housing.

They flock here to see me I’m the incredible… person.

You’ve got a rather odd screen name, which I think sounds a bit like a sitcom. How did you settle upon YOURMUMANDME? Also, what the devil were you thinking, going with caps lock?

I knew this would come back and bite me in the backside one day!

Contrary to what I may or may not have told several people in the past, the real reason is that when I first made the handle I was young. I never really thought past the internet anonymity thing, and started using yourmumandme123 about 8 or 9 years ago. When I got my PS3 the name YOURMUMANDME on it’s own was available for the first time on anything I’d signed up to, so I used it and proudly put it in caps. When I found TSA it was free too so I figured it to be less hassle for people to find me. Honest!

I’m kind of curious now what long-nosed tales you might have told people in the past…

I told Bunimomike once that it was an expression my dad used to use when I was younger, which was also true  “Your mum and me have been discussing why you set that cat on fire…” or “Your mum and me were wondering when you plan on releasing those girls…” It lets me blame him for the bad grammar too!

I was going to tell you off about that, but I guess I can let you off the hook in that case. Lets move on, and back to when you were setting girls on fire, and kidnapping cats. When did you first get into gaming?

Tough one. I remember picking up a broken Spectrum from a car boot sale when i was about 4/5 and my grandad took it to fix and I got it back a few months later but the first games I played were Alex Kidd, Fantasy Zone, Sonic etc… all on the Master System. Sega for the win!

Did you get into many playground arguments over Sega vs. Nintendo? Where did you go from there?

Oh yes, I remember having numerous fights, both verbal and physical, about which of the two were better. This one kid supposedly had all of the Nintendo games and asked me how many games I had, it was probably about 5. He said that was because Sega were rubbish and didn’t have any good games. He changed his tune at break time!

Did you show him what the bloody from Mortal Kombat looked like?

I did a finishing move but it was more like ‘humiliation’ rather than a ‘decapitation’.

So how did you switch from Sega to Sony? Did you suffer through to the Dreamcast, and cry silently when Sega dropped the manufacturing side?

Neither actually, when I was about 9 I went from MegaDrive to Amiga. The Dreamcast had lot’s to offer but no one I knew had really picked one up. Although Chu-Chu-Rocket is one of my favourite games, which makes no sense at all.

From the Amiga I got a Playstation as a present, and I bought Tomb Raider for it. That game might have actually changed my gaming life forever, I had never really ever spent a 2/3 hour stretch playing through a game and been entertained constantly.

Then I jumped ship briefly to Gamecube, maybe. Which came first GameCube or Ps2? Anyway, I bought it for Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, absolutely no other reason at all as I no interest in it. I was scared that kid from school would come back point at me and scream like a Bodysnatcher.

I ended up playing Pokemon Colosseum on it twice as much as Final Fantasy though. I’d buy another GameCube just to play that game again. The Ps2 came after that and it pretty much took up the majority of my day, every day! In amongst all of this gaming was PC gaming too Counterstrike, The Sims, and Diablo. All great games.

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  1. I do like these features, great to find out more about the people behind the amusing screen names!

  2. A much better username for you would’ve been yourmumandme,sittinginatree,k,I,s,s,I,n,g though that might have been too many characters.

  3. “I was going to tell you off about that, but I guess I can let you off the hook in that case. Lets move on,…”

    LOL! It’s “let’s”, not lets.


  4. Good read :D I also played Pokemon Colosseum for hours, though for some reason, never completed it. Might try and find it, see if I can finally finish it.

    • Me too, might need to have a hunt on eBay soon :D

  5. I absolutely love this guy, barely a funnier person out there and he’s always awesome to talk to in a late night skype chat/call. He also loves to ‘let’ me use his Death Machines on Blop’s :D

    • How do death machines work then ?….I thought they killed you !? *tsk* ;)

      • They work for me as I steal them, then turn them on the zombies. Simples ;)

  6. hehe nice read, i have always wondered where u got ur screenname from..=) and now i am satisfied… *satisfiedface*
    havn’t really encountered u so much on this site… are u avoiding me!?? :P

    • Yes.
      ….no I’m not really. There’s a lot of people I just haven’t had the chance to ever speak to properly in the forums or Twitter. Dr Nate, SpikeyMikey and yourself would be a few of many. TBH I barely get time IRL to speak to people ! :D
      So yeah, anyway, Hello ! :)

      • *waves* hi =)
        yeahh, since i dont have either facebook or twitter it’s only here u can talk to me really, except on the PS3=)
        but it’s always nice to make new friends.. i hope that i can call u friend?? or is it YOURMUMANDME? MYMUMANDYOU?!!?
        now i’m confused… :P

      • Should I dare ask about your username …? or is there ‘junk in your trunk’ ? ;)

      • MadJunkBoy’s origin can be found in his own MtR from a fortnight ago. Check out the related stories thingy. :)

      • Yeah just read through it actually, hope you wash regularly now Carl ?? :P

      • yup, always gives him a nice wash now and then :P
        just to keep him happy in atleast 15 minutes… =)
        my record is 27 minutes and 19 seconds i think it was…
        but when i came up with my username i didn’t think it would turn out to be so damn funny =)

  7. I have respect for cc_star, I also debated a little with him at first but now i’m happy to sit back and watch others do it :)
    And you’re one of the ‘faces’ i can remember on here from my first visits to TSA Russel, often making me laugh so it’s nice to finally meet you.

    • I’d like to respect CC_Star but I can’t, not until he recognises that sometimes other people can be right as well. I’m sure he’s a nice guy but he comes across as just thinking he’s right all the time to me. Meh, I’m just a moaning bastard, I can’t say anything :P

    • TSA is an awesome place, everyone makes me smile, almost everyone anyway ! :D

  8. Always nice to find out there are more Scottish folk on TSA. *waves hello*

    • I sometimes think that TSA is 95% Scottish..

      • I might start to pick up a scottish accent to try and blend in a bit better.

      • Not until you meet me.

      • @ tef & Manor – lol
        @ BIGAL – that sounds ominous.

      • For the record, I’m irish, with a london accent. The comment was meant to be a reply to Tef.

      • There are more Scottish accents on TSA meets than errr… non-Scottish ones.

      • I wouldn’t say it was biased though ;)

    • No bad min ! *Waves*

      • whit

      • Eh’ll heh a peh, a bridee an an ingin ane anah !

      • I’ll have a pint, a birdy, and an engine out of pineapple?

      • More like:
        I’ll have a pie, a bridie and an onion one as well.

    • All of the Scottish people that I’ve met via TSA have been cracking lads/lasses….more needed! ;)
      Good to see you back YM, can’t recall seeing you in here for a while, but life happens and those Stellas won’t drink themselves :P

      • Yay to Scottish ^^
        Hey YMAM nice to know a bit about you.

  9. How do you do, young gent.

    Good read and it’s always great learning a little about members around here, especially ones like yourself who feel very much part of the fabric of TSA.
    Can’t say I’ve made your acquaintance to often except for a few partially inebriated messages here and there on PSN. :D

    And yes, ChuChu Rocket! is totally awesome. *quite literally waves at the computer*

    • I can remember the conversations on PSN ! :D

      • I can’t. Haha! I found them the next day and thought “oh dear”. :D

  10. Another good read. Always good to learn more about people, especially ones as entertaining as YMAM.

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