Silent Hill HD Collection Not PS3 Exclusive

The previously only for PS3 Silent Hill HD Collection will also release on Xbox 360 alongside the Sony version.

The change was revealed during this morning’s Konami Gamescom press conference, with producer Tomm Hulett admitting that a 360 version was a response to the fans wanting it.

The game is pegged for September / October, and will release on both platforms simultaneously.

Via Joystiq.


  1. Anyone know what games it will include?

    • Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3.

      • Not really a collection then.. Still, at least number two is there, the best one imo.

  2. Is silent hill 1 on the psn store? They could do what Konami are doing with the MGS HD collection. Stick a code in for the PS1 version. I was impressed by that. (I know that xbox wouldnt be able to have that would they? but still….)

    • They removed it, legal stuff

  3. Silent hill 1 was taken off eu store, i believe for licencing reasons, so is unlikely to return, even under the recently announced import scheme… Shame, but all things considered it doesn’t really hold up well graphically. An hd remake from scratch ould be better

    • Looked nice on the PSP.

      • Good shout, might be tempted to replace my psp 1000 with one of the new slim jobbies, but then again think i’ll just wait for a vita

      • yes every PSone game to me had looked more well on the PSP but the missing buttons can be quite annoying >_>

  4. I’m inclined to buy this. But it’s a funny thing actually. I own all Ps2 Prince of Persia’s, Splinter Cells, Ico and SOTC, all Silent Hill’s and still I’m buying this stuff AGAIN, just to play it on my last working console. Ok and maybe some trophies. But still, funny how (they nkow) that works.

    • I’m the same, and we’re not alone. They are all good games, though. I think they’ve chosen the games to ‘remake’ well.

  5. Bend-over Konami, MicroSoft are coming. . .LoL

    + I know this has nothing to do with the ‘Silent Hill’ games but since Kojima stepped on to MicroSoft’s E3 show a few years back they seem to have forgotten about us loyal PlayStation fans. I say that because they can waste time on these HD remakes for the Xbox 360 but can’t even bother spending some time doing Trophies for MGS4? ? ? :-/ I am getting bored of Konami & Kojima(he is still a GOD tho) Thank god for all the other PS3 Exclusives i am getting to keep me happy anyway;)

    • “I am getting bored of Konami & Kojima(he is still a GOD tho)”

      What a bizarre and contradictory statement. You’re bored of someone you consider a god?

      Then again, I got bored of god YEARS ago so maybe you’re on to something.

  6. Looking forward to these. Can’t believe how much stuff is coming out over the next few months.

  7. Pff, fuck you, Konami. Loyal fanbase my ass.

    • Katamari Flashback anyone?

    • How is this an insult to the ‘loyal fanbase?’ They haven’t took it from PS3 and made it 360 exclusive, if anything MGS fans should feel more ‘betrayed’ by the MGS collection going to 360. A loyal fan wouldn’t care what platforms a game is released on as long as it sells well.

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