Tweak It: Halo 3

The subject of last week’s tweaking was Killzone 3.  Despite thoroughly enjoying Killzone 2, the Killzone 3 betas left me cold so I skipped the game.  Your comments and tweaks seem to suggest that was the right decision with Killzone 3 in some ways being something of a backwards step.

  • “Make it longer!” was a cry that many of you echoed, with the length of Killzone 3’s singleplayer campaign seemingly falling between 1-5 hours shorter than you’d have liked. ~Sad Panda, TheShepanator, R4U Eldave0, TSBonyman, xdarkmagician, e8.
  • Do something to reduce ‘spawn camping’, such as bringing back spawning on squad leaders or the Tactician’s spawn grenades. ~spooferbarnabas, hiab-x, Rocket_345, xdarkmagician, MrJimmy.
  • Improve the clan system, which is a real let down after the great clan system in Killzone 2. ~spooferbarnabas, goodgoa, MrJimmy.

And not a single sticky grenade in sight!

So having taken a look at Sony’s signature shooter three-quel it is only right and proper to return the favour and ask you to tweak a certain other platform-defining, sci-fi first person shooter; Halo 3.  While Halo 3 is now rapidly approaching its fourth birthday it is still seeing plenty of play.  At the time of writing, the live stats over on are saying that just in the past 24 hours 156,155 players have played 279,341 games online.


The four years since Halo 3’s release have of course seen two other FPS expansions of the Halo universe in Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach.  Now though we are very much looking forward to the next chapter of Master Chief’s story being told in Halo 4 which should be with us in about a year’s time.

Personally, much like I discovered when I tried to think of ways to tweak Forza 3, there’s little if anything I’d change in Halo 3.  I don’t go in for the competitive multiplayer so I’m just keen that they keep the 4-player co-op campaign and that they add Reach’s Firefight mode.

After my pathetic attempt at tweaking Halo 3, I’m sure you can do better…



  1. All I can think of counts mostly as nit-picking really:
    – A sprint function would be nice
    – A longer FOV on foilage
    – Smarter allied AI when using vehicles

    Oh and my most wished for feature would be a splitscreen that makes full use of widescreen TV’s instead of giving black borders.

    • sprint shouldn’t be a special power granted by the armour, why does a spartan super soldier need a special suit ability to sprint?
      i can sprint, not very fast or for very long, but i don’t need a special power to do it.

      a compass on the hud would also be nice.
      when they tell you to go east or west or wherever, it would be nice to know which way east is.

      less corridors and more open spaces.

      lastly, i’d like to see the player being given a bit of say in how the story goes.
      more than just complete the mission or fail it and try again.
      do you take out the enemy convoy or rescue a group of civilians, that kind of thing.
      you could save the civilians but then the enemy would have more firepower in the next mission.
      or take out the enemy convoy and let the people die, but then the people’s trust in you would fade and they might not help you at a crucial point in the campaign.

      • this started as a reply about the sprint but sort of kept going. ^_^

      • I guess when you’re weighed down by guns and armour, that sprinting is simply out of the question.

      • but these are genetically enhanced super soldiers aren’t they?

        normal soldiers with fully loaded packs can sprint.

        and even from a pure gameplay perspective, making the player choose between something like a jetpack or the armour lock and sprinting really doesn’t make sense.
        the first two could be considered features of the armour, while the other is just running faster than usual.

        special skills and abilities should be special, sprinting should be a basic skill as it is in almost every other game.

        but this is just my opinion, i’m not saying i’m right and you’re wrong.
        maybe bungie made sprint an armour ability for a valid reason.

  2. Get rid of everything they did in reach. I absolutely loved the HALO 3 campaign, thought it was pretty much perfect and just about the right length.

    I don’t know what specifically it was about Reach, but it’s the only HALO game I’ve not beaten, it just didn’t have tha zing that made me want to put it in the machine and play that 3 had.

    Only addition I’d like is the pistol to work like it did in the in the first game.

  3. In my honest opinion, I think Halo 3 was nearly perfect in every perspective.
    All I could really ask for was more armor customization and more maps. Maybe even a cool custom maps browser. Maybe also firefight and co op matchmaking.
    The gameplay was superb I thought.

  4. Halo 3 for me is the best FPS I have played. The ranked and social playlists, forge, campaign with co-op, the ranking system and more is the highest point FPS has reached.

  5. I found the competitive multiplayer was good, but the was nothing there to make me go back to it. It was only good with friends. I hope they bring back duel wielding weapons. Some destructibility will be nice too. I loved the story and splitscreen I wish all games would have that.

  6. Bit late to the party. All I want is Aiming down the sights. I know you can for one or 2 guns, I want it for all guns! Since my first proper next gen FPS was COD4 (i used to play goldeneye loads with mates), I compare everything to that. So far, nothing comes close

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