Deus Ex: HR Ships 2 Million Copies

Square Enix has today announced that augmented role-playing FPS Deus Ex: Human Revolution has sold 2 million copies across the globe, just two weeks after its EU launch. An impressive figure considering that the Deus Ex has yet to launch in Japan, and an indicator that game sales may be about to pick up as we head into the industry’s busiest period.

Last month we awarded the game an almost-perfect 9 out of 10, praising Deus Ex for its satisfying, unique gameplay and focused approach to story-telling.

Source: Square Enix Blog



  1. Hopefully more good games release in August next year as this proves they can still get great sales (as long as the game is decent of course).

  2. *groan* That has to the worst pun based sub heading ever :D

    • “Deux Ex Millions” instead?

      • Ooooh snappy :)

        The game deserves it, is great, you could amost say it’s… sarific

      • I should try it, I’ve been avoiding it as I have too many games!!

  3. Glad to see it has done so well.
    I’ll definitely be getting it later on in the year when it gets cheaper and I have a bit more money to spend.

  4. Good to hear!!

  5. I’m glad to hear it, I am one very satisfied member of that two million. Personally I’ve got my fingers crossed it’s done well enough to have a sequel made.

  6. Good to hear, personally i haven’t enjoyed a game of this calibre since ME2.

    • started it last night, hope I enjoy it as much as ME2 as well

  7. Indeed Augsome
    Brilliant game I’ve played in August.

    • lol yep looking forward to the DLC.

  8. Awesome game, thoroughly deserving of the sales. Glad to hear it’s doing well!

  9. GOTY contender.

  10. If the original press release said that they have SHIPPED 2 million copies then that shouldn’t be read as SOLD 2 million – there is a big difference between shipped to the retailers and actually sold to the consumer.

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