Sony’s LongLivePlay Is New Advertising

Remember that LongLivePlay stuff that Sony teased a little while ago? Well, it’s all out in the open now. The advertising campaign, which we linked to in the “mysterious video” story we ran, is about celebrating gamers, apparently.

Whatever the marketing spiel behind it, what it has done is give us some more decent Sony advertising. This is reminiscent of some of the exceptional PlayStation 2 advertising we saw back when that console was Sony’s hot ticket. As much as I like Kevin Butler’s sideways swiping and self aware scripts, I really enjoy this new tack.

What do you guys think of it?


  1. For Michael!

  2. It’s brilliant. It shows that the U.S. marketing lot really get what make good PlayStation advertisements, which the European lot don’t. I want to see this quality of advertisement in Europe, rather than the cack we normally get. Sure, SCEE have many languages to deal with, but their efforts so far have been lacklustre.

    More of this please.

    • They could save themselves money and just run these adverts instead, or let SCEA handle the European PSN too. Just a thought, XD

  3. Brilliant stuff. Most of what’s there will only connect with gamers, but hopefully this new campaign will hit big for Sony. Why? So this time next year we have even better ads.

  4. Does this mean KB’s out?

    • Considering he tweeted about it, I doubt it.

      • And considering how he introduced the LLP campaign in the first place…

    • Doubt it, It was his idea apparently :P I’ll cry if he’s out anyway.

  5. That was awesome beyond what I initially thought it would be. Impressed!

  6. Brilliant – they should run a competition to see how many characters / games you can spot.

    Has Nathan Drake been on the pies?

    • Yeah, I thought Drake had.

      Sackboy FTW!!

    • He has piled on the pounds since he finished UC3 hasn’t her

  7. KB should have been a barman!

  8. I love how some people on the blog get angry that is was a commercial. That what you get from rumors.

    • To be honest the Playstation Blogs has always been known to attract idiots.. no shock

  9. Wonderful advert! It was obvious it wasn’t going to be a new game or PS Home…….I don’t know why people thought it was anything else other than marketing…?! A great teaser though, got the whole internet talking! :)

  10. This is excellent but it is dispointing that LLP is just advertising. :-/ I wonder if they would all end up kicking the crap out of each other if they all got drunk? *Goes to Sony and suggest this idea to them* :)

    • Nah I think its great…. never expected it to be anything else. I like Love Live Play…but whatever SCEE goes for.. *facepalm!*

      • Two pandas playing backgammon at the bottom of a drained swimming pool somewhere in New Mexico. One is wearing a tutu while the other quotes the virtues of Jungian theory over the inferior maixms of Freud.

        They then both transform into hot-rod cars and speed off across a pink desert.

        Catch-phrase: “Never Discount Meringues™”

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