PlayStation Vita Dated For Europe

[drop2]Finally, Sony have shared the details of Vita’s release date in Europe and the United States.

The latest PlayStation handheld is set to release on the 22nd of February 2012 in both locations – before the rumoured date of the 28th of February yet still two months after the console releases in Japan on the 17th of December.


So that’s that, then – you’ll be able to get your hands on the PlayStation Vita in a matter of months, with an affordable RRP of €249.99 for the WiFi model or an extra €50 if you want 3G; that model being set to retail at €299.99.

The news was revealed via the official PlayStation Blog, after being announced by Jack Tretton himself at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco.

We certainly can’t wait – will you be getting the PlayStation Vita on launch?



  1. This will be my first system that I will buy day one :D
    So hyped for it!!!!

  2. I will sit here green with envy while you enjoy your new toy.

    • Don’t be sad, surely your shiny new (but used) PSP will bring me plenty of joy?

    • I meant bring you plenty of joy! Mines still rocking my boat, I’m hooked on Tomb Raider!

  3. Getting this day one.

  4. Can you get these free on contract with 900 minutes and that?

  5. Gonna wait till April and get one for my birthday too. Yay!

  6. I know I want one. I really do. After getting the PSP on release day though, I think I may wait this time round. There is always a new version out 6/8 months or so after initial launch that fixes all the bugs and has improved functionality and memory.

    I keep telling myself I’ll get that one. But I also know I’m horribly weak willed when it comes to new hardware :/

  7. GAH!!!
    I just broke and bought an iPad- I was SO sure that the Vita would follow the PSP release schedule of December in Japan, March in US and September here…
    Looks like there is to be much scrimping and saving in my future.

  8. The iPhone 4 satisfies all my gaming wishes when on the road. It’s already a pretty big device, carrying a PSP on top just isn’t comfortable anymore.

    • Your choice :) , But their are so many games that dosen’t feel right to play on touch controlls.

      • Agreed. I hate playing games on iPhone or iPad as I tend to play games more suited to proper controls. The Vita appeals to both markets.

        And it this reason I don’t see the iPhone killing off the handheld console as no matter how well programme a game is, it just doesn’t work for some games.

  9. I predict massive week 1 sales, big drop off for week 2 & then nothing til Xmas 2012! It’s a beast of a machine, but I just can’t see it selling at the prices listed. SOny go prove me wrong! :oD

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