Warner Brothers’ Solution To Missing Catwoman DLC Codes

Earlier today we reported that gamers in the US and Australia were having multiple problems with the Catwoman DLC for Batman: Arkham City, including the game shipping with no code.  Those who have emailed Warner Brothers customer support ([email protected] or [email protected]) have been asked to provide the following:

  • A dated proof of purchase (receipt, invoice) showing the purchase of a NEW copy of the game (not a rented or used copy, nor a copy purchased from eBay).
  • Your gamertag for Xbox Live, or your profile for the PSN.
  • Your email address.
  • A scan or digital picture of the package and game disc(s).
  • A scan or digital picture of the code sheet (both sides).
  • Your first born child,  £3000 in unmarked bills, a video of you dancing the Fandango and Megan Fox’s phone number.*

Once these items have been supplied you should receive a working code for the Catwoman DLC which you can then download and watch as it corrupts so you cannot play the game at all.


In related news, Warner Bros has admitted that some Collector’s Editions have been shipped out with a DVD copy of Gotham Knight, rather than Blu-ray as was originally advertised.

Gamers in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium have now started reporting missing codes.

Friday will be very interesting.

Source: Joystiq / MCV / Batman Forums

* Not true. Yet.



  1. Jumping through hoops to claim content you already own. Nice.

    WB should do the decent thing and make it free.

    Glad i decided to vote with my wallet and not buy this.

    • Same here bro, I can think of few occasions on which I felt so validated in a decision not to purchase. What a complete and utter farce. I only hope (though I doubt) that the whole debacle does the damage it deserves to those involved. And should anyone feel that is a little strong, I make no apologies for it.

    • Yeah, no way I’m buying this after all this bullshit. WB really are a bunch of ducks, they’ve managed to completely ruin one of the most anticipated games of the year.

  2. there’s catwoman DLC for arkham asylum?

    lucky australian B******s…

    • That was me, sorry.

      • you got some catwoman DLC for arkham asylum?

  3. One utter shambles of a launch.
    Their only shot at cleaning up this mess if making the DLC free for all, and adding a patch to fix it.
    As readers of the comments section may know, I support online passes and even the system implemented in this game- but only if they work.
    Otherwise, it’s time to follow Ubisoft’s example and open up the online pass free for anyone after their mistake- see Driver: San Francisco.

    • I was going to say this but forgot who did it, and with what game. It’s clearly what they should do though, rather than ask people to somehow obtain Megan fox’s phone number, I mean, do they really think if I had that I’d do anything other than text her a sexy pic of my naked body?

      • She stopped accepting picture messages after Ashley Cole found out her number.

      • lol

  4. Sorry, but what a complete and utter fuck up. If you’re going to implement something so contraversial in the first place, at least make sure you get it right. What a complete bunch of Tossers.

    • What makes me laugh (or cry) is the fact that after this messed up scheme, and the messed up implementation, is the fact that it breaks the game as well. (Had a quick look at the forums on the link.)

      Next we’ll be hearing that it’s bricking systems and setting your house on fire. (And eating the last Rolo plus killing your dog in between.)

      • Ahhhh that’s genius! proper guffawed at that mate – cheers! :D

      • Ha ha, cool, I hoped someone would..

  5. “nor a copy purchased from eBay”

    Plenty of stores sell new on eBay. What’s the story here?

    • Indeed, for example Zavvi have an outlet on eBay selling the same stuff as their own website. Definitely needs some clarification here.

    • Also how the hell do you get a receipt if you bought online?

  6. what a way to screw up one of the best games of the year , and its not even released yet over here …

  7. Holy shit, all that to access 10% of your full, new, “super uber supporting the game industry” game. Thanks for the reward WB.

  8. that is terrible ! not to mention the false advertising i saw game using at half time during the arsenal match. Absolute shambles (awaiting comment about arsenal’s performance related to a shambles)

    • possible false advertising i dont know what its classed as…

    • On a football related note, I thought we (Arsenal) played quite solidly, though the occasional frailty at the back once again nearly caused trouble.

      On a more relevant, game related note, I really think this is possibly the poorest release I’ve heard about from a game. If I could afford the game, I’d be reconsidering/regretting a pre-order. I cannot though, so the decision’s been made for me.

      • santos was caught in possession too many times but Kos finally decided to play well so its not all bad. Good to find another Arsenal fan on here.

        the release has been appalling and i havent even heard one word about how the game plays, its been terrible. ill have to wait another month before i can even play it get it a month later on the PC (not that i knew that and i panicked when i saw the GAME ad then found they were lying).

  9. Also the game does not run at 1080p as indicated on the box unless you fiddle with your PS3 settings – http://community.batmanarkhamcity.com/forums/showthread.php/6462-B-AC-on-PS3-DOES-NOT-play-in-1080p%28and-I-meet-ALL-requirements%29

    • Isn’t that the case with most games?
      Call of Duty springs to mind as a game that’s not what it claims to be…
      And most games play at 720p on my setup, even though I’ve ticked all the boxes.
      Maybe I’ve something else set up wrong…

      • gta iv, mgs4, ark asylum & acrd 2 all state 1080p on box, unticking 1080i/720p fixes it for all mentioned titles.
        If you untick & game doesn’t support, it displays in 576. This flaw on the ps3 has niggled me for a while

      • I think many games play at lower resolutions than is listed on the box because that is the best option. I think it’s only if you disable the other display options, that the PS3 upscales the game to 1080p. Though I could very well be wrong.

  10. this calls for a What the Fuck? Everyone should get their money back who’s bought, fucking pathetic from Warner bro’s. Thank god I haven’t ordered it. What a way to release a game.

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