WB Distributing The Witcher 2 (360) In The US

Warner Bros. Interactive has announced that it will distribute copies of The Witcher 2 when it launches for the Xbox 360 in North America. Instead of being a direct port, developer CD Projekt RED promises that the gameplay will be refined to suit console audiences, the 360 version also making use of the RED engine, being “one of the best-looking game ever released” on the platform.

The studio has yet to announce an official release date, though currently we are expecting The Witcher 2 to re-launch during Q1 2012. THQ will be distributing the game in PAL regions.

Source: Press Release



  1. No word on a PS3 release date. They said they are working on a PS3 (from what I remember).

    I’ll get it for the 360 anyway. It’s a brilliant game, and I’m glad it reached a console…hopefully consoles in the future.

    • I haven’t heard any PS3 news? Hopefully you’re right though, thought it looked great, was disappointed when i found out it was PC only. Hope it makes it’s way over..

    • No word on a PS3 release yet though there is always hope.

  2. Plenty of broken day one dlc to look forward to then :D

    • I knew someone would post a comment like this but when I read it I still laughed.
      How sad am I?? lol

      • :D !

      • Thanks Dave, I was fighting back the urge

        Heheheh. Wonder if they will follow the same policy (the principle of it, not the car crash) across their whole library or if it will just be AAA’s?

  3. So how much content do we think is going to be cut out of this then. Haven’t bothered to read any reviews or look at anything for this game before now but I must say it looks pretty damn good. Hope it gets a ps3 release aswell.

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