Community Round-Up: 21/10/11

Another week has flown by, and I’ve just realised that Teflon tried to make it look as if he wrote the round-up last week himself – not even a mention of me! I’ll need to think of how I can get my revenge, so leave any suggestions below in the comments once you’ve read this week’s Community Round-up.

No new competitions this week, however the results for the first week of the TSA F1 Championship are in. Adam has done a brilliant job of doing a quick roundup of the races for all three groups, and Chuggy has uploaded a recording of his win in Group B around a very wet looking Spa Francorchamps circuit. You can also check out the full Championship Tables to see where everyone stands points wise. The next round is Montreal, so we can look forward to seeing the results next week.

Oh, and we’ve got something quite nifty, competitions wise, four next week, so keep a look out on Monday or Tuesday for that!

Let’s now take a look at what TSA Meets are set to take place in the coming week, it’s looking jam-packed already!

Starting at 6pm tonight, cam the man (AKA Camdaz) is hosting an F1 2011 Meet, so if you want to get in a bit of practice for the F1 Championship, you can. At 7pm, Bodachi is hosting an Uncharted 3 Meet, with the regular Bioshock 2 Meet taking place at 8pm, hosted by sanmartinez. If anyone wants to play Monster Hunter Freedom Unite via Ad-hoc party, Mr-Flame-Head is hosting a Meet at 8pm.

Tomorrow looks pretty quiet, with the only Meet being Death_In_Flamez’s usual SARPBC Meet starting at 7pm.

Looking ahead further into the week, ‘Mondays Motorstorm Madness’, hosted by theberzerka kicks off at 8pm on Monday night. Crazy_Del challenges you to Mortal Kombat – King of the Hill, which is taking place on Tuesday at 8pm. On Thursday, taking place at 9pm, GTOWN is hosting a Killzone 3 Meet, so get your name down if you fancy some Helghast action!

That surely must be enough meets to keep you busy, but if nothing takes your fancy, feel free to host your own meets, provided you have at least 250 TSA points.

As usual, we’ll start by taking a look at what Reviews have gone live on TSA over the previous week. First up, Issac reviews the PSN game, Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken, a lovely indie game that actually looks like good value for money, whilst Jim reviewed The Cursed Crusade. Right as you’re reading this, Dan is probably getting excited for this week’s Strictly, seeing as he’s reviewed both Just Dance 3 on the Wii, and Dance Central 2 for Kinect on the 360 this week.

Taking a look at the Previews now, Blair has previewed the incredibly gory Serious Sam 3: BFE. Kris has a pretty awesome Hands On with Awesomenauts, a game which I now wish I’d played at EGX.  Kris also brought us a round-up from The Gathering 2011, where he got to look at some of the top upcoming games over the next few months and year.

Whilst writing this, I realised I’d missed this week’s Meet the Reader featuring GTOWN, and seeing as it was an audio-interview by Bunimomike, I’ve literally just spent 30 minutes laughing my head off. I thoroughly recommend that you give it a listen, or you can read the transcription done by Teflon. [That guy is a total trooper – Tef]

If you missed the Verdict for God Of War III, you can see it here, or you can give us your thoughts on Medal of Honour in this week’s WeView in the forum thread. TSA’s resident Drake-a-like, Kevatron400, interviewed both the Game Director and Community Strategist from Naughty Dog about the upcoming Uncharted 3.

OMM’s Podcast Episode 39 was released on Monday, and Jim brings us the fourth edition of TSA Talks, where the team just seems to discuss Online Passes in Mass Effect 3 and the new Batman game. Lastly, Greg also has What We Played #23 as usual.

Let’s head on over to the TSA Forums, but be warned, General Chat almost certainly contains inappropriate content. (Sadly none of the pictures Adam found last week!)

That’s all for this week, and remember, if you’ve got any good ideas for revenge, let me know in the comments below. Just remember that they can’t violate Human Rights Act of 1998. Actually, it’s only Teflon, so don’t worry if they do! Bye!

– Gazza totally did nothing here. Seriously. Not a thing. ;-)



  1. Going to try to get back into the TSA meets once this first batch of exams and essays is out the way and work settles down. Looking forward to uncharted and battlefield at the moment myself

  2. Love these articles.

  3. Don’t forget there’s also a Forza 4 car club so if you’re playing that you’re all welcome (well not for me to decide but anyways).

  4. Nice round up, just noticed though that there’s only 5 of us signed up to the 6pm F1 2011 meet, which is a low’ish turnout, but then I decided to check the SKY TV guide and noticed that STEPS the reunion is on at 6pm so that’s that little mystery cleared up :P

    • Oh no, might have to miss my own meet! Got to watch Steps :}

  5. My favourite feature :) Teflon was trying to steal your praise last week, very poor show from him ;) Should be at SARPBC meet tomorrow.

    • Good stuff! I look forward to being the prick that just demolishes people :)

      • haha! I thought you said I was then and was like no you are! I don’t care about scoring goals now, I am just going to aim for you whether you are on my team or not ;)

  6. Awesome stuff, love these articles!

    Also, four competitions next week, can’t wait ;)

    • Oops, read that as ‘for’, not ‘four’. ;-)

      Alternatively, read it however you want!

  7. So you want idea for revenege do you? MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahaha. Kidnap him then force him to listen to every Justin Beiber song, watch every uwe boll film and every crap film, forcefeed him pepsi then skin him alive. >:)

    I wonder if there will be chance to win BF3, Batman:AC and any recent releases that i want. I am overdue for a win. What? Don’t judge me. Also can we ban Spikemikey from entering them? ;P

    • Force him to listen to every Justin Beiber song?! I’m not that cruel!

      • So you are semi cruel? The diet pepsi of cruel? The i can’t remeber how this austin powers joke goes cruel? :p

        Fine, replace JB with the sound of the dammed and Freddy Kruger’s nails on a blackboard. (actually which is worse? O_O)

      • *cough*Bieber*cough*

  8. Another great article this week Tef.
    I cannot believe that Gazza is still trying to take the credit for your hard work, he should feel ashamed!

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