What We Played #24

With it being last week’s big game that many of us have been playing Batman: Arkham City shouldn’t come as a surprise. When not playing a curious game that consists of repeatedly resetting his router Peter was in the fortunate position of being able to assign himself the arduous task of reviewing the hotly anticipated title.

Our resident superhero fan Kris has predictably also been donning his black cape and pointy-eared helmet/mask, concealing himself in the shadows and dropping on unsuspecting passersby criminals. And that’s just in the street outside TSA Towers. Bizzarely, with respect to the game, he is looking forward to having his face “smooshed” into the dirt by a murderous super strong zombie. At least I assume he was talking about the game when he told me that.


Batman hasn’t been the only rope-swinging object of Kris’ gaming attentions this week, candy has also featured. Note that that’s candy with a small ‘c’ before you jump to any premature conclusions. He’s been playing the “way too short” Cut The Rope Experiments. “When you’ve only got a set number of levels (and when I can 3 star all of them in under three goes)”, he boasts, “it just feels like a waste of 69p”. That hasn’t stopped him picking up the full Cut The Rope though…

[drop]Continuing our “Who’s played Batman” rundown we find Aran. “Simply put, it’s amazing”, he gushes, “a real improvement on Batman: Arkham Asylum”. The added freedom and variety that the more expansive environment introduces gets a particular mention as does the brain/brawn dichotomy of trying to solve The Riddler’s challenges or just beating up the city’s residents.

Tuffcub has also been playing Batman but in what I’m going to assume was not a typo he’s been playing back in the asylum. Is he nonetheless enjoying it? “Meh”, was all I could coax out of him. He then promptly returned to his quest to hunt down Higs bozos on the fair plains of Helghast in Killzone 3.

You’ll be pleased to hear that marks the end of TSA’s Batfolk. Dan tells me that he can’t tell me what he’s been playing or which forthcoming portable console that might make a great Valentines Day present that he’s been playing it on. The same title may or may not have been played on two other HD consoles.

In a marked change from his recent gaming habits Toby has been playing Hannah Montana. Just kidding, he is still playing as much FIFA 12 as he can manage (pun intended). “I don’t have the time to dive into a lengthy campaign or massive multiplayer mode at the moment”, he says, “so the nature of FIFA is proving to be very useful indeed”.

When it comes to the ‘future of gaming’ Alex offers us a somewhat less than ringing endorsement before writing anything to solve everything:

I had a look at OnLive on a decent connection (30MB) and it was glorious, although DiRT 3 still lagged like the PS3 version of Shift 2. Press left. Wait. Car goes left. Brilliant.

The wee one loves Scribblenauts (or is attracted to the screen at least) so I’ve been putting grandmas in aeroplanes and dogs on top of ducks. It’s a lovely way to interact and teach kids new words. In moderation, of course. But at least it’s not laggy.

[drop2]My own limited gaming time has seen me drinking deeply of the potent cocktail that consists of Gears of War 3’s Horde and Beast modes with a bit of shotgun only Versus Execution. Gotta glove gmy gnasher. Aside from that I’ve been taking a spin in and around the Gran Turismo 5 DLC. The new kart tracks inject a much-needed sense of fun as race settings and GT5 really could do with taking itself a little less seriously at times.

Its online offerings continue to become more flexible as the game develops, with the latest 2.01 update making the Lounge settings more tweakable, along with the arrival of Seasonal Events for your B-Speccers. I’m still hoping it might one day get an online mode along the lines of Forza’s Tag or something like Demolition Derby to help break the intensity of endless track racing when you spend a few hours online with friends.

Blair has enjoyed more gaming variety than the rest of us this week starting with the “good but linear” Ratchet & Clank: All For One. Next up was Tintin which despite some “fun 2.5D platforming sections” was nevertheless “boring and everything you’d expect from a movie tie-in otherwise”.

He spent some time trying and failing to get into Deus Ex: Human Revolution before finally playing some of the “ridiculous shooter” Serious Sam 3. While it was “quite enjoyable” to begin with it all too quickly “got repetitive”.

I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that many of you have also been playing Batman. Has anything else had a look in this week?



  1. Yup… Mostly Batman, little bit of GT5 & Forza4.

    Bought a Kinect with adventures and Kinectimals, mainly for the kids, £54! :D Played a few Kinect demos, not much there TBH might pick up Dance central tho….

    • If you haven’t got it already the Kinect version of Child Of Eden is stunning (I have both kinect and move versions but prefer the hands free nature of kinect, seems to suit the style better imo) and well worth a look, especially now it’s cheaper. Dance Central is ace fun too.

  2. Clocked the main Story of Arkham last night, I’ve made a start on new game + but I’m very aware that a certain fortune hunter will be rocking up on my doormat next week.

  3. Started the EA Fitness 2 program, and have never felt better. Arms are killing me, starving to death and I can barely walk. In between screaming in pain I have started to play R&C ACIT again, this time I will finish it!

    • ACiT is one of the games I keep meaning to go back and finish but it just never grabbed me the way ToD did.

    • ‘Started the EA Fitness 2 program, and have never felt better. Arms are killing me, starving to death and I can barely walk’

      Sounds great, where do I sign up? :D

    • No pain no gain DirtyHabit and rightly put me off.

  4. No Batman for me – been spending hours on Beat Hazzard Ultra as well as Rocketbirds (although on rocketbirds ‘hours’ might be stretching the truth slightly as I finished the main game in under 2).

  5. Played through and platinumed Tintin, which was quite good fun, if a little easy. Since then I’ve mostly been playing through Dead Rising 2 Off the Record with the odd few games of Fifa 12 here and there and a smattering of PSN titles … Beat Hazard Ultra, Worms Crazy Golf and Pixeljunk Sidescroller. I also recently picked up Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom but I’ve not got around to starting it yet and I’m waiting on my copy of House of the Dead Overkill arriving (I just ordered it this afternoon).

  6. Picked up Arkham City this week and have played through the main storyline that I can only describe as ‘meh’ (good ending though). I started to chip away at the side missions, etc but have completely lost interest. It will be traded towards BF3 tomorrow. To say I preferred Asylum would be an understatement.

    I also picked up Dance Central 2 for the Mrs and she is averaging about 2 hours a day on that at the moment so that seems money well spent.

    I also picked up (anyone would have thought I got a bonus from work this week…) Forza4 + the new wireless wheel. Awesome game and I’m slowly convincing each of my mates they need a copy so we can have a proper endurance race (plus some rounds of car football of course)

    Finally I downloaded the Saints Row 3 Initiation Station and have lost a couple of hours playing around with the customisation options. Really polished looking game and is bound to be a lot of fun :D

  7. Revising Italy with the AC2 Forli DLC and with starting another playthrough on ACB. Also had the odd few games of FIFA 12 pro clubs. Messi hasn’t got nothin on me. yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  8. With nothing on the shelves taking my interest, I platinumed LA Noire for the second time this week for my wife. Just as brilliant as the first time I played it.

    • Can you finish it off for me too please and tell me how it ends, I just haven’t got the heart to finish it.

  9. Arkham City. That is all.

  10. I completed Bioshock one earlier in the week. And have been playing Final Fantasy 13 since then.

    I have managed to get into it which is a surprise as i’m not fond of the linear style and the combat system. And the party leader dies=gameover. I mean, why did they think that would a good thing to implent? It’s not and i prefer to controll my entire party in any FF game. It’s been two years since i brought it and only now i’ve given it a proper chance. :O

    • Good, I like game over

    • I also dislike the party leader death mechanic, but it does make sense in terms of the story. It’s not really a game over either considering it just gameplay you to right before the fight that killed you, really it just makes the game too easy.

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