OPSM’s Big MGS 5 Tease Seems Impotent

It’s hardly surprising, although it is quite disappointing, that Official PlayStation Magazine’s MGS5-related claims have developed into very little substance. The big cover-shot tease, in which they claimed to have details about the sequel, looks increasingly likely to amount to nothing.

[drop2]The Official magazine’s young website has teased out a little more before their interview is published, quoting Kojima as saying “I think we’ll probably have to make it at some point, but what that will be, we have no idea,” Which may make you wonder where those “details” are coming from, if the studio boss has “no idea”.


Of course, we predicted that OPSM might be about to start the hasty backtrack but this is still quite misleading. Not that it’ll stop us reading the full interview, when it’s finally published. Kojima is a visionary and a fascinating man so it’s sure to be a compelling read, even without the promised details on the Metal Gear sequel.

Of course, OPSM hasn’t yet shown off the full feature so perhaps we should give them the benefit of the doubt for when the full thing is published. There might be more info that justified that cover claim.

Source: OPSM



  1. Impotent is always a good word to work in and I wager the word ‘substance ‘ is no accident. Two hob nobs to you sir

    • Damn you! Now I have to go buy some hobnobs!

  2. To be honest, it was very unexpected news just to hear the words ‘Metal Gear Solid 5’, so I suppose if nothing comes to fruition then I won’t be too disappointed. Still, should be an interesting read none the less.

    • absolutely, and teasing like this will certainly raise some extra interest in both the magazine, with its full feature and the new website which can deliver early teases like this.
      It’s great business from OPSM… possibly a little misleading for readers though?

      • OPSM? Misleading? Never!

      • Very misleading. Seeing as though the teaser says “Latest Metal Gear Solid 5 details” and the details inside include the line “We have no idea”. Thats like writing a hot news post about God Of War 4 and saying “Nobody has an idea if its going to get made but it probably will do”.

  3. Excellent way for fans to buy the mag :(

  4. Very poor if that’s the only bit on MGS5. Very poor indeed.

  5. They really should have had the tag line “Kojima comments on MGS5” which is a bit more ambigous and still teases without promising to much, rather than “MGS5 Detatils” as that implies they have specific information relating to the game.

    • This, although I guess we won’t know for sure until we get to read the whole article.

  6. just business as usual for future i’d say.

  7. Sad though this is, the cynic in me tells me it’s no surprise whatsoever.

  8. Was hoping to read – ‘MGS5 coming to ps3 as a ps3 exclusive, all my love to you my loyal playstation fans, from Kojima’ lol

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