Podcast: Episode 45

This week, Saints Row The Third came out. I really struggled to describe just how insane – and insanely fun – it is without spoilers but we managed it. Just know that it’s more weirdness than I’ve ever seen in a videogame.

Kris told us about a documentary called Page One. Filmed during the WikiLeaks releases last year, it charts the decline of US newsprint from the offices of the New York Times. I think we may have got a little bit geeky about journalism at this point. Don’t worry though, Lewis soon snapped us out of it with the movie audio competition.

Lewis also talked about Dale and Tucker vs Evil and Bridesmaids, two very different comedies which both sound like they’re worth a watch. I got some time to talk about Sons of Anarchy, finally, but then forgot most of what I wanted to say. It’s good though, so go watch that.

Kris’ comic book knowledge comes in the shape of chat about Spaceman, which sounds slightly confusing but interesting nonetheless.

I should point out that Kev is absent again this week but we’re hoping his internet will be all plugged in and ready to deliver us the finest comedy voices next week.

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This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. Was there seriously people saying crap cause of what you said about uncharted? I mean I love uncharted but enjoyed listening to you talk about its flaws!

    • just lighthearted banter, I think. I hope, at least. If I took every criticism to heart I’d be w nervous wreck!

  2. I’m currently listening to it now. You are going to hate me for what i have suggested to AG as a comp.

  3. Peter, if it makes you feel any better, I played and beat Mass Effect 2 on both the 360 and PC. I also played the demo on PC but my hardware isn’t powerful to run it very well.

    • I also support Peter on this. I have Mass Effect on PC and XBox and Mass Effect 2 on XBox and PS3 – if any game series deserved owning more than once it’s Mass Effect.

  4. Ah good at least some people were aware the teacake question was from red dwarf.
    And it’s good to hear someone else knows the chicken or egg question does have an answer.

    Also the only pc mod for me2 I know of is giving paragons blue eyes like the illusive man.

  5. Great podcast again guys. I have shite Mondays at uni so always enjoy coming home and listening to this in the evening. Mad that its been nearly a whole year and I’m proud to say I haven’t missed a single one :-)
    Also, I was surprised to hear that Peter knew the relationship between me and Miffi-Lou. Should that be concerned…

    Keep up the great work :-)

    • haha! I saw it mentioned somewhere and made a mental note: stop making pole dancer jokes ;)

      • This is gonna sound a bit mushy but it really is a testament to just how great TSA is that despite being the editor in chief you know the connection between one fairly quiet and one almost mute member. Genuinely proud to be a member :)

  6. A Town Called Panic! Brilliant film. Turns out it is Belgian, by the way – at least, the 5 minute-short series that spawned the film was. The film itself was a joint production between Belgium, France and Luxembourg. Just so you know.

    In case I don’t say it enough, it’s a great podcast you’ve got there.

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