What We Played #29

The other week in the What We Played six-month-iversary post I mentioned that each week when I ask the others what they have been playing I try and throw something else into the email in a desperate attempt to try and make it more interesting than just asking the same question every week. This week the ‘something else’ was inspired by one of Skyrim’s many oddities:

This week’s ponder-able: Why, when my Skyrim character has eight fingers, can I only wear one ring? You’d think it would at least be one per hand. It can’t be in case the ring’s powers affect magic cast with that hand as I can dual wield magic whether I’m wearing my one ring (note: not the One Ring, that’s a different fantasy world) or not.

Normally it’s all just an aside that makes the emails more entertaining for me to write and hopefully for the others to read. This week however, Alex replied, not with the list of games he’s been playing, but solely with a retort to my ponder-able. I liked his reply so much I thought I’d share it with you:


Skyrim 3.0 patch notes:

[UPDATED] You can now wear multiple rings. Please note that only one will be rendered using the full textures, others will be shown using low-res blurry vision and may be subject to lag, crashes, bugs and exponentially powerful attributes.

[REMOVED] Dragons.

Anyway, time to let you know what we have been playing. Kris has played his way through the CoD: Modern Warfare 3 campaign. “It’s silly and full of bombast”, he says, making his point about as subtly as MW3 tends to. “Whilst the story isn’t exactly the most emotionally charged thing in the world”, he continues, “at least it knows what it is and has no pretence about it”. An aspect of the game that does get a big thumbs up from Kris is how often you get to reach out and touch your enemy with a sniper rifle. “Love me some sniper rifles” he concludes.

[drop2]Aran has dialled down the dragon slaying as he nears the end of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s main story. He too has been playing MW3’s campaign, proudly noting that he played through on Veteran despite “a couple of silly checkpoints” that made it more frustrating than it could have been. He suggests that Activision should forego producing a MW4 as MW3 has tied up many of the series’ loose ends “in a satisfying way”. Do you agree?

Still crawling through the bleak underbelly of a cyberpunk future we find Toby. He is still “plodding” through Deus Ex: Human Revolution finding that stealth’s slower more careful path is the more rewarding one to take. He commends the scale of the neon-lit playgrounds, saying that “the city hubs are big enough to be immersive but not small enough to feel restrictive”. He has also enjoyed answering the moral questions along the way that challenge what it means to be human.

The only one of us to admit to playing a handful of games this week was Dan:

Over the last week I’ve played a load of Super Mario 3D Land. The game is Mario at his finest, and I didn’t think anything would top it for a good while. Then along came Ubisoft with Rayman Origins, which is utterly sublime and beats Nintendo at its own game. A game of the year contender.

Continuing on my platforming theme I’ve also been playing Cave Story 3D. It’s a charming little game, although I can see why many would baulk at paying £35-40 for it.

I’ve just started on the latest Professor Layton game too, and as a fan of the franchise it’s a case of “so far so good” for me. I have to agree with Peter’s review though when it comes to some totally obscure puzzles.

Setting aside a pile of games including Uncharted 3, MW 3, Battlefield 3, Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions and Transformers: War For Cybertron Chris’ gaming time has been consumed solely by his participation in the Starhawk Beta. “I’m not going to go too much into how I’m finding it as all my feedback is going in the relevant feedback forums”, he teases in a rare moment away from the game, “but it is awesome and yes it’s most definitely a beta with some stuff for the team to work on”.

You get no points for predicting that all I’ve played myself this week is more Skyrim and my regular weekly Gran Turismo 5 online meet-up with friends. This week a friend was particularly keen to have a race around Spa, so I duly obliged. He was less keen upon discovering I had set the weather to be suitably Ardennes-like. We certainly weren’t able to take Eau Rouge flat out in those conditions; just keeping our collection of RUFs and Lamborghinis pointing in roughly the right direction was tough enough!

I’ll leave you with a few more of my Skyrim ponder-ables based on my experiences:

  • Why is there only ever one eye recoverable from a dead sabre cat for use in alchemy? What’s wrong with the other one? (cf. horker and mammoth tusks.)
  • How long would it really take to eat a large deer antler?
  • Is “run away screaming” really the only sensible way to deal with a Draugr Death Lord if your character’s level is less than 30?

All that remains is to ask what you’ve been playing this week?



  1. Still don’t seem to be able to find any time to game. Put about 2 hrs into Saints and played the Rayman Demo…. thats about it :(

  2. Bit of a mix for me this week.

    WWE12 Monday and Tuesday night – its…. alright I suppose

    Skyrim Wednesday – before the game crashed for the millionth time and corrupted my save. Game will be traded in this weekend

    Finally(!) started Beyond Good and Evil last night – Why this game failed I have no idea. From what I’ve played of it so far its excellent, even when compared to games this gen.

    Also played a bit of Trauma Centre: New Blood with the Mrs. Cracking little Wii game :)

    • I saw that I still have 16 Pounds in my UK PSN wallet and stumbled across Beyond Good & Evil HD but didn’t buy it. I heared it must be great but I’d like to find out more about the game before I buy it. I also have more than enough games that I still have to finish before I can even think about buying something from the PSN store…

      • To be honest I did the same. Spotted it in the current PSN sale and decided to finally give it a go (hard to say no to a 4.99 price tag). As I say, very good so far. Visuals look nice, voice acting is decent and the game play (though a bit basic) is fun. Not sure how long the game is but I clocked in a couple of hours so far so its already longer than most PSN titles ;)

    • It’s a brilliant game! Expect 10hrs plus to clock it.

  3. Finally got my Dead Island Platinum and all DLC trophies – the DLC was fun, but I’m unlikely to return to it.

    Got all 48 stars on MW3 Veteran Spec Ops – these were loads of fun, but much easier than the MW2 ones!! Also Prestiged in MP and had a few enjoyable games with some fellow TSAers. Lag stopped the fun though.

    • The lag in Spec Ops (from the small amount I’ve played of it) seemed really bad. Not sure why it runs so badly when the competitive side of things is pretty much flawless :|
      Grats on getting the 48 stars though, I’m sure I have less than 10 at the moment lol :D

      • Thanks! Lag was ok on Spec-Ops apart from just 2 levels – “Smack Town” and “Flood the Market”. On Smack Town lag always started in the same place for one of us, so suspect it’s a game problem. Although maybe not if you’ve had problems.

        MP is usually fine but there were 9 of us in a party playing Ground War the other night and lag was terrible for our team – emptying entire magazine and people not dying. When exiting and playing MP alone, it was fine!!

        Sorry to hear about your Skyrim save file – do you have PS+ to backup to the Cloud? Not that you should have to!

      • Nope, its all gone :'( *sniff sniff* 30 hours down the drain

      • Yep, seems trading it in is the best option. My gaming time is too little to be wasting 30 hours. Angry emails would follow.

  4. I kept switching back and forth between two games this week:

    Rayman Origins being one of the two and I’m loving every second of it. If it wasn’t for the nostalgia bonus of Super Mario Bros. 3 I’d even go as far and say it’s the best the genre has to offer.

    The other timesink is Saint’s Row The Third. I’m having a blast playing this game even though I’m not not a fan of GTA kind of games.

  5. It was all about Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 this week. Got my platinum and now it can sit and gather dust.

  6. Still currently playing Need for Speed: The Run just need to get one more level and that’s me completed and will trade it in Saturday!
    Tonight is Battlefield 3 Meet!
    Been playing a bit of Homefront multiplayer, Driver activities, Mortal Kombat, DiRT 3 and Battlefield.

  7. Finished off Rayman Origins (platinumed) and Tekken Tag Tournament HD (also platinumed) then went back to playing Skyrim.

    • Nice. I’m also going for the Rayman platinum but I’m currently taking my time with it. Enjoying some of the early levels in coop with the missus on a second save game. :)

      • I tried to take my time with Rayman but it was just too addictive. I did manage to make it last me five days with the help of intermittent bouts of Skyrim.
        Be prepared to get infuriated at some of the speed trophies and especially the bonus level that opens once you collect all ten red teeth.

  8. Skyrim! Trying to smith my set of Ebony armour (including the Daedric quest procured Ebony Mail) up to legendary after deciding that the dragon heavy plate was too ugly. Even though my smithing is already 100 I can’t seem to do it, I think because I haven’t got the Ebony perk in Smithing.

    Also just reached 100,000 gold (I saved for the trophy) so to celebrate spent 30,000 on my Proudspire manor and pimpin’ it up.

    Still loving it :)

  9. Skyrim. I’ve been playing it so much that I’m starting to believe that other games have ceased to exist. I know I’m going to have to restart uncharted 3, because I haven’t touched it for so long I can’t remember what I was doing or why.

    Guess I’ve been lucky with Skyrim. I haven’t encountered a single bug or glitch in about 180 hours of play.

    More concerning than why saber cats only have one eye, is why do Falmors sometimes have 3 ears?

    I would guess it would take about as long to eat a set of large antlers as it would to consume a giants toe.

    And as for the deathlord, I took a page out of Johnny Depps strategy for dealing with danger in Sleepy Hollow: Hide behind a small child! Works in a pinch when Dragons attack populated areas :P

    • Some falmors only have one ear though. It sure is a weird place that Skyrim, I think I’m just as hooked as you are though.

  10. Popped home for a visit so had a short blast on Black ops, uncharted 3, battlefield 3 and shadow of the Colossus. Other than that, Minecraft… Can’t wait to go back home for christmas and play the rest of the games, and probably more minecraft…

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