Community Round-Up: 24/12/11

It is nearly Christmas Day, so naturally Benedict LovelyFace Polytetrafluoroethylene and Gazzagb are getting ready to attend the TSA community team Christmas party which just happened to be on Christmas Eve morning, for some reason. So Adam, whilst half drunk, has asked me, the TSA mince pie eating, resident nutter to do the Community Round Up.

Did I just see Tef do the Can-Can on the table?

There’s no competitions this week, unless you count the drinking contest at the party. However, seeing as it’s the Christmas holidays and most of you have some free time, you must have some games planned with fellow TSAers, right?

Oh, well it seems that there are no meets for planned for next week or tomorrow. So this is a bit awkward… [Well, I just made an Uncharted 3 meet for Thursday at 7PM – Tef]

If you want to host your own Meet, you can do so provided you have at least 250 TSA points.

Okay, I think I just saw Adam propose to a mop, and did Gazzagb try to chat up a lamp?

What have the hard working staff members been up to this week on TSA? They haven’t been drinking beer and eating mince pies, which I was told is because TSA couldn’t afford any. I think I heard Kris crying earlier in the week due to the amount of content.

Alex reviewed a 3DS game called Pullblox/Pushmo. He gave it a smashing 9/10 and told us he adores games like this. Peter reviewed Assassin’s Creed Recollection for the iPad giving it an 8/10. I hope Peter gets well soon as he has a bad bit of flu which he suspects a certain news editor of giving him. The fairly new guy known as Aran Suddi reviewed Persona 2: Innocent Sin and gave it a 6/10. Dan had a go with Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath, then he played the HD remake too and reviewed that, saying it deserved a 9.5 out of 10! Of course, TSA doesn’t do half points so it sits on a well deserved 9/10

TSA has carried on with the reviews of 2011. I wonder if it will get a 10/10? This week we had March, April, May, June and July. There’s also more of the Top 100 for 2012, where they’ve now got up to 31 in the list.

We found out on what you thought of Dead Space 2 in this week’s WeView verdict which was the last one for this year. The TSAcast or OMMcast, whichever name you prefer to use, did their Christmas special this week. There is a picture of Bobby involved and they were very drunk. I heard Kris screaming when he realised that he had asked every Pingwin out in the UK. Yesterday, they also released one of two songs they’ve got for Christmas this year, called It’s Krismas Time. I think they left it a bit late, but I bet it’s still the Christmas number 1. Make sure you check back tomorrow (or later if you’r busy eating Christmas dinner) for the other musical Christmas spectacular.

Teflon interviewed the former Community Manager and the resident WWE fan, Colin BAAAAAAAARRRRRRRR!!  I’m told that Teflon wet himself in fear of his old boss when he interviewed him. Peter shared his thoughts on Anticipation on Sunday. I had some thoughts on Sunday but they were mainly food based. You can also find out what the staff have been playing this week, in What We Played.

That’s just about it for this week’s features. Adam is now covered completely in chocolate and is fondling a very large picture of Val Kilmer. I think Teflon just asked himself out on date and why is Gazza up in the rafters?

It’s time to go in to the forums now. Who put those baubles and that candy cane in a rude position on the front gate?

That is everything covered for this week. Also please remember that General Chat is full of sweaty perverts like Bunimomike and also smells of wet dogs. [I think Steven means that it could contain strong language and is for TSA members only? – Tef]

There will be no more community round ups until the new year as Teflon and Gazzagb will be spending that time recovering from their hangovers. Adam seems to have made a hole in the picture of Val Kilmer, Gazza is now down from the rafters and wants me to ask the wall if it is interested in him.  Teflon seems to have gone into the closet with a chair. How much have they drunk?

On behalf of the Community Team, the TSA staff, and Bobby, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Now, if you excuse, I’m going to leg it as I’m not cleaning up the effing mess…

– I’m sure you’ve already guessed it was Steven. That I said so at the top of the article was probably a big give away. I’m impressed you managed to make it this far… If you want even more punishment, I’ll put a completely unedited version of this up in General Chat somewhere.



  1. haha very good Steven, early Christmas present right there.I’m still alive and my brain works, and don’t feel like killing myself after that :L I should say the thread I created was based on one of Blair’s tweets which I saw.

    • and the link to his unedited version doesn’t work ;)

  2. nice job steven =D now we know who is going to do the round ups when teflon is too drunk and gazzagb is tied up to stevens bed after a rough night :P
    now, where is that christmas song i heard yesterday that made my christmas better? =D
    and the rap, where is it? =D

    • the rap is posted tomoro lunchtime, and this was written probably thursday or Friday so the song wasn’t posted by then :P and Merry Christmas MJB as it’s the 24th for you!

      • ohh thank u m8=)
        Yeahh it is the 24th!!!
        MERRY CHRISTMAS(tomorrow) TO YOU MATE!!! =D

  3. Steven, love it :L

  4. Can Steven do it every week?! ;-)

    • Sadly not, it would put a serious strain on his contract with TSA. We keep him around, but he only gets 3000 words per week…

      • They did try to pay me in soggy biscuits but i pointed my CENSORED at them and they used words instead. Plus, they tend to send me to harrass other sites whenever a very important story is on the loose. ;P

  5. Lol, subheading blaspheming at this time of year? How contraversial!

  6. Good stuff Steven, i enjoyed that! :)
    A very happy xmas to all the staff and community!

  7. All right, I’ll admit, that was funny. Good job steven.

  8. I love how hilariously mental this is :D

  9. What a sub heading :)

  10. You’ve ruined the Fenton video for me Tef, I won’t be able to watch it again without imagining Steven!
    And Steven, you’re wonderfully crazy.

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