EU PS3 Trine 2 Delay A Result Of SCEE QA

It’s now 2012 and there’s still no sign of Trine 2 on the PlayStation Store in Europe.

The game launched on all platforms back in December except for PS3 in Europe, bizarrely. Developers Frozenbyte have since issued an apology, but didn’t explain the cause of the delay.


However, it has now emerged that the postponement came about because the game failed Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s rigorous QA process.

Frozenbyte’s vice president Joel Kinnunen has expressed his disappointment at the failure of a simultaneous launch on PS3 in Europe and America because, in his opinion, both games were identical:

Trine 2 is in SCEE’s QA now. There was probably a holiday pause but things should be back to normal now so hopefully we’ll hear more soon.

We are anxiously awaiting the European release ourselves!

We had both SCEA and SCEE versions ready at the same time and they are basically 100 per cent the same (SCEA version already has all European languages, for example), so we are very disappointed we couldn’t have a simultaneous launch. But it’s out of our hands.

This means that there’s still no word on a European release date and Kinnunen has said that all they can do is hope that “the release is as soon as possible.”

Source: Eurogamer



  1. I want this, I need this.

  2. If only SCEE could actually tell us why it failed QA. Yeah, that’s be helpful.

  3. Playing this on the Xbox. It’s very good, and looks sublime

    • Obviously it’s not /that/ good if it failed the QA process ;)

    • I’m not sure my wife would agree considering how much cursing she did while playing it. :D. It does look lovely though and she achieved the platinum back on the 28th.

  4. Saw Gazzagb tweet this last night :P Bizarre how they are near identical and one has failed to release

  5. Come on SCEE. If its good enough for SCEA, its good enough for us. Release it already!!!!

  6. Seems to be becoming a regular thing.

    • it isn’t becoming a regular thing..

      it’s always been like this. ^_^

  7. I honestly don’t understand why SCEE failed the game when Frozenbyte have said its almost exactly the same. Now I understand why Devs say its so hard to get games onto PSN – nothing makes sense.

  8. If this continues it’ll anger customers even more and I’m sure developers will want to avoid SCEE in protest?

  9. did anybody else read the title as “new info on delayed game…cue the moaning, click on the link and lets get going” ive tried playing the first game a couple of times when it was released but couldn get on with it think i should fire it up again and Give in a bash

  10. Yet Skyrim strolled straight though QA…

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