PlayStation Network Being Renamed?

Well this is an interesting one.  A couple of people over at NeoGAF claim to have received an email from Sony that says, basically, that PSN accounts will become SEN accounts – Sony Entertainment Network.

“On February 8, 2012,” it says, “your PlayStation Network account will be renamed to a “Sony Entertainment Network” account or a ‘SEN account’ in conjunction with Sony Computer Entertainment’s PlayStation 3 system software and PlayStation Vita system software updates.”


It says this won’t be applied to PSP accounts “at this time”.

“For general purposes, this account change is a change in name only,” continues the email. “Your username or password will not change, nor are we asking you to change them. In accordance with this transition, some necessary naming changes will be made to the TOS and Privacy Policy.”

The email says the the transition is based on “Sony’s goal to enhance its unique digital entertainment offering” and says that “PlayStation Network will be aligned with Sony Entertainment Network.”

“This helps us get closer to our goal of establishing a global comprehensive network platform of services across games, movies, music and more, all accessible from one convenient account,” it concludes.

This would make sense (sens?), as you can manage your PlayStation devices over at the Sony Entertainment Network website, signing in with a PSN ID. If this does turn out to be true, would having one overarching account for TVs, Music and gaming be a good idea?

Source: NeoGAF



  1. SEN makes me think of SEK(Swedish Kronor).

    • It makes me think of Zen. Not the pinball-game-developer but the Buddhistic meaning.

  2. I know I heard about this very thing being discussed a long time ago, like last summer or something, on a gaming-podcast. I’d totally forgotten about it until now. It’s a good idea, and a step in the right direction for a unified Sony.

  3. I’d rather have them keep with PSN, hopefully a false rumour.

  4. Why would they throw away the well-known Playstation name for ‘Sony Entertainment’. This makes no sense to me.

    “Hopefully a false rumour.”

    • They’re not throwing away the “Playstation” name, only the name of the PSN-account service.

  5. so long as all the functionality is the same, i’m not really bothered what they call it.

    though i don’t think i’d be happy to say i was a crap on a stick plus subscriber. ^_^

  6. Not all that catchy as a brand, but it makes sense.

    I’d be surprised if they actually renamed the PSN though, I would imagine it’s just the account system that’s being integrated. This is how Microsoft’s Live offering works already, and the unified service is good.

  7. I like that I will need only one account for everything, good idea.

  8. PSN sounds better than SEN, although having a universal network could be handy.

    • That depends on pronounciation, “sen” sounds better than “puss’n” and “pee-ess-en”. ;-)

  9. great move, that will confuse those hackers, looking for PSN and not finding anything :-D

  10. Also stands for Special Education Needs in the UK, enough said.

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