thatgamecompany’s Next Game May Support “Hundreds Of Thousands Of Users”

Journey’s out next month – that you already know – but thatgamecompany are already looking at their next project.

A recent job advertisement, forwarded to us by the company’s community manager, says that the team are wanting to take things “a step further” on their next game, and admit to never having built a “full scale online service available to hundreds of thousands of users.”


Hence them looking for a Scalability Engineer at their Santa Monica headquarters.

“Day to day tasks depend on the specific needs of the project, but, in general, you’ll be planning and implementing systems for account management, data tracking, player matchmaking and automated testing, as well as selecting and integrating cloud services,” says the posting.

“In addition, like every member of the team, you’ll be encouraged to contribute to the design and development of the game itself.”

Remember tgc aren’t linked to Sony in any way, so this could be on any platform at all.

Release dates for the US and European versions of Journey are expected very soon.



  1. “postnig”. There’s a Bernard Manning joke with a Royal Mail theme there somewhere.

    • This is now irrelevant, if it wasn’t already.

    • oops, fixed :)

  2. MAG 2? ;)

  3. “Remember tgc aren’t linked to Sony in any way, so this could be on any platform at all.”

    True, but their loyalty to Sony is extremely strong and I don’t see it being anywhere else for now. Regardless, they have my time, attention and money! :-)

  4. hundreds of thousands…..aha! you are a tiny sugar tube battling it out with thousands of rival sugary enemies for the prime position on the Legendary Jam Donut of Pleasure!.

    Game mechanics include:

    count me in for the beta, im off to the bakery!

    • “Game mechanics include:

      Haha! Fermenting how wierd would that be.

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