5 Minutes Of Far Cry 3 Gameplay You Won’t Want To Miss

Last Wednesday we were blown away by the stunning cinematic trailer for Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3. However, no doubt some will have been left wondering if the gritty, action-heavy teaser is at all representative of what players will have in their hands come early September.

If the following 5-minute gameplay video is any to go by, Far Cry 3 will go above and beyond last week’s trailer, sporting huge environments, slick gunplay, and what seems to be a fairly comprehensive loot/progression system.



Far Cry 3 has definitely soared to the top region of our most anticipated releases this year. Let’s just hope the multiplayer component manages to hold up it’s end of the package.



  1. Love the little hula girl on the dashboard. (although not keen on driving vehicles in FPS’s)
    That DR made me jump too! Crazy bastard!

    Looks great though, Didn’t enjoy Farcry2, just couldnt get into it. This seems more accessible…..

  2. This looks bloody ace!! I hope the multiplayer side of it plays just as well!!

  3. Definitely getting a Bioshock-esque feel from that. Not a bad thing at all.

    • The guy looks like he came here straight from the trailer of the Darkness II.

  4. Looks lovely. Started playing Far Cry 2 again yesterday. Was glad to see online is pretty busy again. It’s slightly dated now in SP, but still pretty good fun.

    • Oh and if anyone is wanting a wee bit of boosting tonight and tomorrow let me know. The online is good, but will take over 150 hours of legit play.

  5. Looks awesome, I hope the driving though is better, it handled awkwardly in FC2 and there way only a handful of vehicles if I remember correctly.

    • Reflections are helping on FC3 so hopefully there working on the vehicles.

    • There is about 4 different types of driveable in FC2 and then the glider. They don’t handle too badly, but after one crash, they do pack it in a bit too easily.

  6. Looks alright.. pc version I guess

    • This is the console version. Based on that the PC version will look incredible!

  7. Looks astounding, can’t wait!
    I loved Far Cry 2, and found it utterly immersive. Hope FC3 will be equally enthralling.

  8. Awh, it’s been taken down. Anyone know if it’s been uploaded anywhere else?

  9. That looks stunning. Definately jumped up the list of most anticipated in 2012.

  10. This looks sweet, very excited now. Never really liked the other ones.

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