First Halo 4 Shots Arrive

Two screen shots taken from Halo 4 have arrived and it’s looking good. In the first picture we find Master Chief looking mean and moody in tones of orange and yellow, whilst the second shot finds him looking mean and moody in tones of blue and green.

Rumour has it Halo 4 may feature the groundbreaking concept of Master Chief looking mean and moody in beige and terracotta, and in a later level, looking mean and moody in the outrageous combination of puce and turquoise!


Paul Featherstone, assistant director of photography at 343 Industries who have taken over the Halo franchise from Bungie has said the screens are “100% untouched”, coming straight from a debug camera and that any effects are entirely in-engine.

Source: Gamerlive / Neogaf



  1. Is it me or does he seem more mechanical in the arms than he did before?

  2. Nice screens but I’d like to see some footage in motion before I react impressed.

  3. Oh wow that looks PC-like. No wonder there’s no background rendered at all with all the scratches and details on the Spartan.

  4. Those are some nice screenshots, but I’d like to see some gameplay footage aswell please.

  5. Also, why 1024×576? What kind of resolution is that?

    • OK that’s just 1080p in 53% scale. Bold, i thought they’d go for 720p.

      • None of the 360 Halo games have run at native resolution. Close, but not quite. 3 and ODST were 1152×640, whilst Reach was 1152×720.

        Regardless, they admit to adjusting the resolution for print, so these have been adjusted and aren’t indicative of the final game’s resolution.

  6. Visors need more polish

  7. How can you tell he looks mean and moody? He could be laughing his ass off behind that visor.

    • Exactly. He’s catching some rays in the first one! Everyone needs a little time off.

    • Exactly what I was thinking. He might well be whistful. Or pensive. Or agitated.

  8. Screens shots?

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