Asda Announces Mass Effect 3 Midnight Launch Details

Asda has announced that it will be selling Mass Effect 3 from midnight tonight for £37.97.

Andrew Thompson, Games Head of Asda, said:


“Mass Effect 3 is set to be a huge hit with the gaming community so we want to make sure it is affordable and available to play as soon as the clock strikes twelve.

We are not only stocking the game nine hours ahead of other retailers but we’ll also be selling it for the competitive price of £37.97.

With stock not as widely spread for this big release, Asda really is the top destination for games enthusiasts this Friday and for future releases.”

200 Asda stores will be taking part in the launch tonight. No other retailers have currently announced plans for Mass Effect 3 midnight launch events.

Mass Effect 3 will release on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC tomorrow, and will be available at most entertainment retailers. GAME & gamestation are not selling the title at launch.

Source: Press Release



  1. I ordered from for £38.89 or something, quite happy with that price to be honest, not bothered if I lose a quid or so compared with these offers!

    • Plus you can sit back and wait for it to come to you, at a more reasonable hour.

      And I would rather not give anymore of my money to Supermarkets – they have already killed off Off Licences

  2. Not a great amount off really lol i picked it up for that price of ShopTo a while back

  3. “Nine hours ahead of other retailers”? My local Tesco is 24/7 and I’ve picked up many games from there at midnight over the years. If I hadn’t ordered the collectors edition from my local Blockbuster, I’m sure this would be no different.

    Andrew Thompson needs to get with the 24/7 opening program!

  4. They call that competitive pricing? The first shop I checked (Amazon) is 7 pence cheaper. What would I find if I actually put some effort into my search? :P

    • No, to be honest, i think they call it ‘taking advantage of the little guy who can no longer get it from Game’.

  5. Or i could wait for Amazon to do it for £37 or go to Morrisions and get it for £35 as they tend to knock £5 off new titles for a few week.

  6. Grainger Games in Derby have a sign in their window about midnight opening… They also have a massive ME3 display in the entrance (probably just to bait Game who are two doors away).

    • Great stuff. Grainger games opened their store two doors away from game in my town too.

  7. Eh no need for me. Picked it up yesterday from the magic shop and promised a friend that I won’t play until Friday after work.
    Cannot wait for this, might pop over to ASDA for snacks and simply laugh at the queue with my half monkey, half kitten – mwahahaha.

  8. Got mine today

  9. ASDA Direct got my order to me today :-)

  10. Can anyone confrim if ME3 will be available on xbox market place for download tomorrow? I have been told it will be on the PSN, but an employee of gamestation said that was an exclusive, yet I am still looking to prove that is the case.

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