MotorStorms’ Pro-Am Festival Revealed

Oh, yeah, we’re there.  Check out the first shots (and a lovely magazine ad with your favourite site quoted) of the new MotorStorm RC DLC, which looks to be centred around a skate-park.


“Race and collect 8 new model vehicles, each with 4 Pro-Am team liveries and a further 4 colour scheme choices per livery for a greater level of personalisation,” says the press release.

“Race around broken boxes, leaking barrels and cracked concrete and bring life back to the Skate Factory once again,” is the description on one of the new courses, which sounds great.

The new DLC will be out this week, apparently, for £2.49/€2.99/$2.99.

Source: Facebook.



  1. Any mention of cost?

    • Of the DLC that is of course – I believe that the last screenshot is an advertisement for the game itself isn’t it?

      • £2.49/€2.99/$2.99

      • At a guess, I’d say £2.49 :P

      • Ah, ta! I’m sure that price wasn’t there when i read the story. :S

        Either that or countless sessions of self-love has finally affected my eyesight.

      • I don’t think it was either … stealth edit? ;)

      • I read an official comment on the EU SONY blog that Plus members could get a reduction on the price…

  2. Great price – I had thought the DLC would be more expensive since the game was so cheap. It just gets better and better!! :)

    • I thought it might have been a bit more, but over all the Motorstorm games the DLC has been reasonably priced.

  3. I want to buy this game but I feel I will be disappointed, I have money on the side for it but dunno

    • Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. It’s a great price for a great game & you get quite a lot of content for less than a fiver!

      What’s not to like??

      Apparently even better on Vita, but i wouldn’t know anything about that!

      • might aswel buy it now& get the DLC, am not good at car games so this will be my last & only ever car game for the vita

    • There is a trial/demo on the store which could help you decide.
      Personally the demo is enough for me as it’s not my preferred type of racing game.

  4. Provided I’m still sane when I finish the main game, I’ll definitely be wanting this. Superb little game.

  5. Will pick this up as soon as I can afford it! Poor me.

  6. Will buy and download Motorstorm RC tonight in anticipation of my new Vita that will arrive tomorrow. :D

  7. Awesome so 8new models and 4 new tracks :D

    • By the time the next DLC comes out the game will be another 50% bigger than when it first came out. I think they should budget release the lot on a disc, I’m sure it would be popular.

  8. Got my platinum on this last week. I think I will be picking up this DLC. Great price

  9. Brilliant. The game that just keeps on giving*.


  10. Awesome.

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