Hey, Portal 2 Fans, Got An Hour To Spare?

I need to go back and play Portal 2 again, it’s an amazing game and one that seems to get better with repeated plays.  Until then, though, anyone with a passing interest in the history of the game needs to watch this hour-long interview session from GDC:


It’s a few days old, but it’s the first time I’ve seen this so hopefully it’s new to some of you guys too.



  1. Still think it’s a tad bit over-rated. That said, my opinion on Portal 2 jumped up a few notches after playing the sublime co-op.

    • sort of agree. on the whole the game felt over-rated, but the voice acting and story were perfect for me. Just wish it would push on a bit. Feels a bit samey when trapped in the same room over and over.

  2. I’ll bookmark this one and check it out later. Thanks. :)

  3. Started playing through this again recently and enjoying just as much, if not more, than the first time.

    Oh, and thanks for taking away another hour from my work!

  4. Holy shit at 6:40.

  5. Also, remember guys – the ‘pin’ tool is back. Under the published date at the top of each post.

  6. Trying to convince a mate of mine to pick this up so we can try the co-op. While I doubt it will live up to the crazy hype it has been receiving, its bound to be worth the ~£15 price tag these days

  7. Still not played it.


  8. Ooooh, I’ll definitely watch this later. I think I also feel a play-through of Portal 1&2 coming up, I look forward to it.

  9. Absolutely brilliant game, love it . Still waiting for the level creator to hit ps3, was it mentioned in the vid? ?

    • They said the level creator was coming in a few weeks but they didn’t mention a PS3 version so I asume it will be a PC thing.

      • I think the pc level creator has been out for a while, pretty sure I saw a vid of some user levels a few months ago. At first they said that the popular levels would be available for ps3 via steam and then announced that the creator kit was heading the ps3’s way. However this was months ago. Thanks for the info, hopefully it was in reference to the ps3 version. Arthritis. (fingers crossed)

  10. Got 1 and 2 boh to play on the 360 but still working through my backlog of games and getting distracted with Vita games.

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