Angry Birds Space Launches Tonight

Let’s be honest, Angry Birds has changed the lives of those responsible for it forever, but the game isn’t showing any sign of slowing down despite making millions.

The latest, after the Rio project and countless format releases?  Space.


Obviously.  It’s out tonight – at midnight apparently worldwide – expect to pay more for the ‘HD’ version on iPad, whilst the iPhone version should be just 69p.

The game also releases on Android, PC and Mac at the same time.



  1. Hang on… Space?

    Surely the birds would just float away??

    • Did you not see the gravity equation in the vid? :-}

      • No, ‘fraid not – Vids don’t work at work.

      • Well… You’re browsing around on TSA, so I guess neither are you! :P

      • Touche sir, touche!

        & you are right, i wasn’t. :)

    • And I suspect there to be no sound.

      • *expect, not suspect. Silly me.

      • In space, no-one can hear you scream!

        Apparently. Can’t say from personal experience of course. :)

      • but you can hear stuff blow up, funny that. ^_^

  2. Thought it was a bit of a sell-out when I first heard about it, but the gravitational puzzles look ace

    Bring it on

    • Here’s a hands on which shows off the gameplay better than trailer

    • I agree. Nice to see them really think about how to bring something fresh to the franchise rather than just changing the backgrounds.

    • Also releases on Android, PC & Mac at the same time

      • Really?? I was expecting a bit of a wait for Android. That’s usually the case at least.

        I’m not exactly going to be searching the marketplace at midnight mind you, but nice to know it should be available as early as tomorrow.

      • I felt the same when I first heared about it but I like the gravitation aspect of the new game.
        Will there also be an Android tablet HD version? I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

      • i’m guessing its free on android?

  3. where do i queue to get this ?

  4. No… Space Core? theres enough Spaaaace! Not into Angry Birds.. but man this is already bound to be a hit.

    • Yeah, space is portrayed better in Portal 2 than it can ever be in Angry Birds… :)

  5. Looks brill – shall download this! Does this take advantage of the retina display iPad?

  6. Ha, ace!

  7. Hoping this will come to the PS Vita eventually, fingers crossed it won’t be a mini.

  8. Midnight worldwide, but which midnight? Sydney, London, New York?

  9. Lovely trailer. I can see myself picking this up. Definitely.

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